Mayor Soyer: 'We Are Ready for Aliağa Bergama İZBAN Line'

president soyer aliaga bergama ready for izban line
president soyer aliaga bergama ready for izban line

📩 25/02/2021 13:30

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer On the second day of the Bakırçay Basin tour, he held a press conference in Bergama. Explaining that they have made a series of works to bring the district to the place it deserves in tourism, Soyer said, "We are also ready for the Aliağa-Bergama İZBAN line.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer's Bakırçay Basin tour continues. President Soyer, who examined the investments in Dikili yesterday and met with producers, tradesmen, headman and citizens by giving the good news of new investments, started his program in Bergama today.

Soyer visited İZBETON's Bergama Site in the early hours of the morning and supervised the asphalt, parquet and border production works. Mayor Soyer, who came together with the press members at the construction site, shared the investments made by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in the district; He gave important messages about the works they will do for the development of Bergama with tourism.

We cannot accept these numbers

Stating that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is working devotedly with all stakeholders in Izmir, especially the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in order to crown Izmir with the UNESCO World Heritage category, Soyer said:

“Bergama, which has hosted different civilizations throughout history and entered the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2014, is the world's 999th heritage site, and it is necessary to work hard to reveal the tourism potential. According to the tourism statistics of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for 2019, Bergama has a share of only 0,27 percent in the accommodation of foreign tourists and 1,62 percent in the accommodation of domestic tourists in the distribution of tourists staying in İzmir districts. Think about it, you will host dozens of cultural and natural heritages such as Pergamon Ancient City, Acropolis, Asklepion Health Center, Kale Mahallesi, Arasta, Red Hall, Kozak Plateau, but in 2019, you will host only 37 thousand tourists, 3 thousand of which are local and 40 thousand foreign. The fact that Bergama welcomes so few tourists is a great loss and unacceptable for our district. We will do our best to increase the number of tourists and to achieve a tourist dynamism in line with this deep-rooted heritage of Bergama ”.

We are ready for the Aliağa-Bergama İZBAN line

President Soyer, who answered the questions of press members after his speech, also gave information about the Aliağa Bergama İZBAN line. Stating that they have completed their preparations for the construction of 52 stations, 8 highway overpasses, 11 culvert type highway underpasses in the 23-kilometer line, Soyer said that they expect TCDD to complete the expropriation works on the line. Answering a question regarding the infrastructure problem of the İslamköy Neighborhood, Soyer stated that the infrastructure works in the neighborhood will be completed by the end of the year.

Huge investments in Bergama

The Mayor, who gave information about the investments of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in Bergama. Tunç Soyerexplained that they poured 27 thousand tons of hot asphalt in the district, they completed the 13 kilometers of production road and they did parquet work on the 21 kilometers of raw road.

Stating that they signed milk purchase contracts with the Agricultural Development Cooperatives of Yukarıcuma, Aşağıcuma, Hisarköy, Örenli and Çamavlu within the scope of the Milk Lamb Project, Soyer said that they purchased approximately 2019 million 2020 thousand liters of milk from this region in 1 and 360, and that their support for the producers in the region will continue to increase.
Soyer, who also gave information about the İZSU works in Bergama, informed that 2021 kilometers of drinking water lines were built, 56,3 boreholes were drilled and 7 kilometers of creek cleaning were carried out in the district until January 27.

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