The President Chooses: 'We Will Build Multi-Storey Intersections Where Necessary'

President Seçer We will make a multi-level intersection where needed.
President Seçer We will make a multi-level intersection where needed.

📩 10/02/2021 14:15

Mersin Metropolitan Municipal Council Meeting was held in the Congress and Exhibition Center under the presidency of Vahap Seçer at the February 1st meeting. Stating that they are carrying out multi-level intersection works on Okan Merzeci Boulevard in order to relax the traffic flow on the east-west axis, Seçer also made statements about the intersection around the Akbelen Cemetery; “Currently, it has been included in the investment program of the Highways and the 2021 program, and its budget has also been set. We look forward to your support in this regard ”.

Göçmen is next for the interchange works: "We will finish in maximum 90 days"

After the multi-storey intersection completed at the 20th street intersection, Seçer announced that they will start a one-story intersection work in Göçmen and said, “The project is currently underway. Its construction starts in June at the latest. Our constructions will not turn into a snake story. 90 days, 70 days of multi-storey intersections, now we set a target for 70-75 days, but we will finish the Göçmen Junction in a maximum of 90 days. Then 34. Street and Kipa intersection with the public name of Okan Merzeci. This is also very important. And since we have a tram project there, we are currently working in coordination with it. "Egemenlik Junction was built in that previous period and there will be access to Vatan Caddesi from there," he said.

"We will build multi-level intersections where needed"

Stating that technical evaluations are based on the construction of the multi-story intersection, President Seçer said:

“We are not willing to make a multi-level intersection. But we will do this when it is needed and where we need to ensure the heavy flow of traffic. While doing this at GMK, we think ten times. We never do this, especially in Adnan Menderes. We decide according to the status, location and functionality of each street. 'Come on, the traffic is jammed here, let's do it here, such a multi-level intersection'. No, they also have counts. Look, there should be an average of 5 vehicles during peak hours. We had a count here. For example, we received criticisms about the last multi-level intersection we built; "Does this place need it?" he. However, in our counts, we saw that there was a circulation of around 5 thousand vehicles per hour at peak points, and this is a number above the scale that requires us to build multi-level intersections. Therefore, these are the figures obtained as a result of technical evaluations as a result of transportation engineering studies. Look at the Sevgi Katlı Crossroad, which we just built, around 5 thousand 975 hours in the evening or at peak hours in the morning, and the average day is 4 thousand 679. The others are not less than this; Immigrant, that is Hal, Kipa, they are in the same situation. "

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