Minister Pekcan Announces 2020 E-Tender Sales Results

Minister pekcan e announced the results of the tender sale
Minister pekcan e announced the results of the tender sale

📩 21/02/2021 14:02

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, said customs in tasfiyelik car and belongings of the e-procurement they have implemented to equip Turkey's economy they are pleased with the interest shown, "in 2020 through our e-procurement system, 4 thousand 827 vehicles and 4 thousand 363 group rummage sale was made." said.

Minister Pekcan made statements regarding the 2020 e-tender sales results.

Pekcan stated that as the ministry, they implemented important digital applications in many areas from customs to domestic and foreign trade in the period before the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic, and said that one of them was the sale of vehicles and goods that became liquidated at customs by e-tender.

Pekcan emphasized that they offer a more transparent, participatory, user-friendly, competitive environment to the citizens with the e-tender, which is held by auction method and is open to everyone, and stated that the number of members of the system in question exceeded 1 million 100 thousand.

Your sales, ""From the internet address, mobile application and e-government, Pekcan said," Since the beginning of the e-tender method by our Ministry, 33 thousand 409 liquidation vehicles and 19 thousand 30 groups of goods have been sold and a revenue of approximately 1,4 billion TL has been obtained. " he spoke.

"Citizens are most interested in liquidation vehicles"

Stating that 4 thousand 827 vehicles and 4 thousand 363 group goods were sold in e-auctions held through auctions last year, Pekcan said, “Although e-auctions were suspended for 2020 months in 2, the revenue from sales made through the e-auction system throughout the year, 2019 It showed an increase of 19 percent compared to 442 and reached 16 million lira. E-auction sales revenue increased by 34 percent in vehicle sales and XNUMX percent in goods sales. used the expressions.

Noting that citizens are most interested in liquidation vehicles, Pekcan said, last year, 19 million lira of mobile phones and accessories, 8,5 million lira of clothing and fabric, 6,5 million lira wristwatch and 3,6 million lira auto parts were sold. He said that interesting products such as truffles, amber stones and ambergris were also sold.

About 80 percent of goods and vehicles find buyers at the first tender

Underlining the fast and effective liquidation through e-auctions, Pekcan said, “In the tenders held so far, approximately 80 percent of the liquidation goods and vehicles were sold in the first auction and the goods were brought to the economy without losing their value.” said.

Pointing out that the geographical and spatial restrictions in the bidding of citizens have been eliminated with the e-tender system, Pekcan stated that people have the opportunity to examine the vehicle and goods by seeing them on the internet or on the field if they wish.

Pekcan stated that the offers are received electronically in the system, participants must comply with the measures taken at the stages of viewing and receiving the goods, and that within the scope of these measures, a limited number of people are taken to the areas where the goods are stored and the administrative buildings, and those who enter these areas must comply with the masks, social distance and hygiene rules. underlined.

Membership to the system is free

Turkey-resident real and legal persons that e-procurement system, can be free. Participants see the two highest bids for the tender instantly, and the items and vehicles that are kept open for 3 business days can be seen and examined at their location during this period.

In order for the participants to bid for e-auctions, they must have a guarantee of 10 percent of the basic price in the system. The participant making the highest bid pays the price of the goods within 7 days and can receive the item or vehicle from its location within 10 days following the payment.

If the participant does not pay, the second highest bidder is deemed to have won the tender under the same conditions.

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