Zinc, Supporting Our Immunity, Is Effective Against Covid-19! So Which Foods Is Zinc Contained in?

Zinc, which supports our immunity, is effective against covid, but in which foods does zinc exist?
Zinc, which supports our immunity, is effective against covid, but in which foods does zinc exist?

📩 16/02/2021 12:08

Internal Diseases Specialist Dr. Ayça Kaya said that there are many research results showing that zinc, an important trace element for immunity, supports the body against Covid-19 and helps the disease to pass in a shorter and milder time.

Stating that with Covid-19, many vitamins and minerals strengthen immunity, especially providing benefits in protection and treatment from Covid 19. Ayça Kaya said, “One of these minerals is zinc. Here's zinc deficiency in our soil 49,8 percent in Turkey. That's why we can't get enough zinc from what we eat, ”he said.

"Zinc supports the normal functioning of the immune system"

"Zinc is a trace element that has an effective role in increasing the number of T cells, which is extremely important for our immunity," said Dr. Ayça Kaya said, “Studies have shown that T cells increase by 3 percent after 21 months of regular zinc use. The immune system is like a shield that protects the body against diseases. This shield becomes strong thanks to the zinc. When the zinc level drops, the body becomes susceptible to diseases. "Unfortunately, we see that the zinc level is low in many patients we follow up clinically."

"Zinc to protect from Covid-19 and overcome the disease more easily"

Dr. Ayça Kaya said that the zinc level is also important together with the mask, distance, hygiene measures that must be taken to protect against Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2), which affects the whole world, “While vaccination and drug studies are on the other Research on -19 continues. Studies conducted in different countries around the world show that the zinc level reduces the rates of catching Covid-19, and those who are caught survive the disease with less problems / fewer complications and less hospitalization. In a study conducted on Covid-19 patients, it was seen that the zinc level was low in 57,4 percent of patients. 19 percent of Covid-70.4 patients with zinc deficiency had complications, while this rate remained at the level of 30 percent in patients without zinc deficiency. Hospital stay of patients with zinc deficiency is also significantly different. Covid-19 patients with zinc deficiency stayed in the hospital for 7,9 days, while patients without zinc deficiency were discharged after 5,7 days. In another study conducted on the zinc levels of intubated patients with severe Covid-19, serum zinc levels in severe Covid-19 patients were found to be lower than in mild / moderate Covid-19 patients. Zinc that supports the normal functioning of the immune system; It can be used under doctor control in cases such as diabetes, hair loss, flu and lower respiratory tract infections, recurrent aphthae, acne and reproductive health ”.

"The need for zinc increases with age"

Stating that nutritional habits and age have important effects on the zinc level, Kaya said, “Zinc deficiency also increases with age. While the zinc deficiency is around 40 percent in the 5s, it reaches 70 percent after the age of 20 ”.

Zinc supplements necessary?

Noting that an adult person needs daily zinc supplements, Kaya,

“Whole grains, red and white meat, eggs and seafood, liver, green leafy vegetables are rich sources of zinc. It is important to take these regularly. Unfortunately, there is zinc deficiency in our soil 49,8 percent in Turkey. This causes us not to get enough zinc from food. High prices of foods such as meat, seafood and liver rich in zinc also increase nutritional deficiency. By looking at blood zinc levels, a prescription can also be arranged with a doctor's recommendation to protect immunity in these cases. Zinc supplements can be added to the diet. Zinc is not stored in the body, so it is also important to take it regularly ”.

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