Driver's Attention Prevented Possible Disaster in Antalya

The attention of the driver in Antalya prevented the possible disaster
The attention of the driver in Antalya prevented the possible disaster

📩 16/02/2021 16:13

Emre Dirican, who was a driver of the city buses of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, extinguished the fire that broke out in a house during the flight by intervening with the fire tube on his bus.

Emre Dirican, an in-city public transportation driver at Transportation Inc., a subsidiary of the Metropolitan Municipality, was traveling on the Gürsu-Varsak KC35A line with the 07 AAV 08 public bus and dropped passengers at the stop on PTT Street in Altınova District. Meanwhile, he saw smoke and flames rise from the balcony at the second-floor entrance of a two-story house near the station. Parking the public bus, Dirican ran home as he grabbed the fire tube on the bus and made the first intervention to the fire on the balcony. Putting out the flames, Emre Dirican prevented a possible disaster. It was determined that the fire broke out due to the remains of embers in the ash discharged from the stove bucket to the balcony, igniting the plastic chair and table.


Bus driver Emre Dirican stated that he saw the smoke when he left passengers at the stop and said, “At first, when I saw the smoke on the second floor, I thought they were lighting a barbecue. When I looked more closely, I saw that the fires started to grow. "I took the fire extinguisher on the bus, went to the area where the fire was and managed to put it out.


Dirican also stated that he knocked on the door of the house after the fire intervened and that the landlord was unaware of the fire, “The owner of the house was shocked when he went out because there was smoke everywhere. They were surprised when they saw me I told them to be a little more careful. Thank you Antalya Transportation Inc. They gave us fire training and first aid training, and their training prevented a disaster today ”.


The host woman said, “In the morning I left the ashes of the stove on the balcony to throw it away later. The weather was a little windy, fires spread to the furniture on the balcony. We were in there with my 3 kids, we never realized it. Thanks to our driver friend, he saw it and put out the fire. Thank you very much to him, "he said.

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