Irregularity During Ankarakart Balance Loading Transactions

Irregularity during ankarakart balance upload transactions
Irregularity during ankarakart balance upload transactions

📩 18/02/2021 17:05

Recently, by the General Directorate of EGO affiliated to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, it has been determined that some irregularities have been made during the balance loading of the Ankarakart used in public transportation vehicles.

ANKARAKART must be personalized in order to prevent the irregularities made and to prevent the citizens from suffering theft or loss of cards. In addition, citizens who carry out balance loading transactions at the toll booths must check the "Credit Display Device" before leaving, and citizens who carry out transactions from dealers must check the amount of the loaded balance from the receipts they have received.

By EGO General Directorate, only personalized ANKARAKART's can be intervened. Therefore, in order to avoid any unjust treatment despite all the measures taken, citizens must personalize their full ANKARAKART.

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