Ankara Public Bread Buffets Found Their New Owners

ankara public bread buffs found their new owners
ankara public bread buffs found their new owners

Ankara Halk Ekmek drew lots before the notary public for the unoccupied bread sales kiosks whose contract expired. A total of 20 Halk Ekmek Buffets in Altındağ, Keçiören, Yenimahalle, Ayaş, Çankaya, Çubuk, Etimesgut, Haymana, Polatlı, Yenikent, Temelli and Sincan found their new owners. Lottery on ABB TV, Youtube It was broadcast live on his channel and social media accounts.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Public Bread Factory continues to increase the number of bread sales buffets and bring its hygienic and affordable products to the people of the Capital.

Public Bread Factory, which expands public bread buffets in neighboring districts besides the center; It opens the first sales kiosks of 2021 in Altındağ, Keçiören, Yenimahalle, Ayaş, Çankaya, Çubuk, Etimesgut, Haymana, Polatlı, Yenikent, Temelli and Sincan.


A lottery draw was held electronically in the presence of a notary for 20 bread sales kiosks, which are within the body of the Metropolitan Municipality Public Bread Factory, but whose contracts have expired, have been closed due to failure to comply with the operating rules, or remain empty due to various reasons.

Lottery draw, which was closed to citizens due to the pandemic process and in which 20 names were determined under the name of “Bread Sales Buffet Distribution Program”; Due to the principle of transparency, ABB TV, Youtube It broadcasted the channel and the social media accounts of the Metropolitan Municipality.


Stating that they have held the first draw of 2021 for public bread stalls, including the surrounding districts such as Polatlı, Haymana, Temelli and Çubuk, Ankara Public Bread Factory General Manager Dr. Hüseyin Velioğlu gave the following information:

“There is an intense demand for Public Bread Buffets. In order to deliver quality healthy products to more people in Ankara, 20 applications were made to our 796 kiosks in line with the instructions of our Mansur president and in line with the principles of openness, transparency and accountability within the scope of exemplary municipal work. We held the drawing before a notary. We aim to deliver our healthy products to more Ankara residents. We wish good and abundant profits to our citizens who are entitled to buy a buffet in the lottery. "

While the kiosks where the people's bread products were sold were also the breadwinners of the citizens, 20 people in total applied to the 796 public bread sales kiosks. The kiosks will be delivered to the citizens who will sign a contract after the draw in a short time.


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