What about a non-surgical face lift?

How about a non-surgical facelift?
How about a non-surgical facelift?

📩 03/02/2021 16:54

Regular care is of great importance for your skin to preserve its present beauty and future. With BEAR, the smart microcurrent facial tightening device offered by Swedish beauty technology brand FOREO, advanced microcurrent (microcurrent) and T-Sonic ™ work 69 muscles in the face and neck, helping to maintain firmness and strengthen your skin.

We are all destined to age. It is not possible to stop this, but it is in our hands to look good as we age… For this, we need to take good care of ourselves, eat well, exercise, and protect our skin. As we get older, our skin starts to change like our whole body. Our skin, which regenerates itself every 28-30 days under normal conditions, begins to renew itself later when we start to age, as well as losing elastin and collagen. This situation causes the skin to dry, become dull, and the appearance of fine wrinkles and spots. Regular treatments that you will do while you are getting older will support your skin to age later. Swedish beauty technology brand FOREO, the newest product, the smart microcurrent (microcurrent) facial tightening device BEAR, helps you preserve the old beauty of your skin while you age.

What is this microcurrent?

The microcurrent anti-aging treatments BEAR carries to your home are called "Non-Surgical Face Lifting". Microcurrent, a natural alternative to botox and fillers, promises a younger looking, smoother and taut skin. Focusing on the skin and facial muscles, the microcurrent facial uses low-voltage electrical currents that mimic your body's electrical currents at the cellular level to work these muscles. These currents enable the release of natural skin-healing chemicals at the cellular level, thus repairing damaged skin and stimulating collagen production.

We have 43 faces and 26 muscles in our neck that lose their tone and firmness with aging. Thanks to microcurrent technology, all these muscles work and help shape your skin. The working and shaped skin is tightened safely and painlessly.

Microcurrent Effect on Your Anti-Aging Therapy

BEAR, the newest member of the FOREO family, the most effective and safe microcurrent device in the world, tightens and strengthens your skin while shaping it. BEAR, which fits various exercises and care therapies for the face offered in beauty and SPA centers into a tiny device, provides the experience of facial fitness at home by working 69 muscles in the face and neck thanks to advanced microcurrent (microcurrent) and T-Sonic ™ vibrations. This superior device, which has a shock-free Anti-Shock System ™, measures the durability of your skin with its advanced sensors, and automatically adjusts the intensity in case of any shock. The device increases the production of collagen with micro-electric currents that mimic the natural processes of the body, and provides elastin repair and tightening in the skin. Being the personal trainer of your skin with 5 different intensity levels, BEAR's patented T-Sonic ™ vibrations penetrate deep into the pores to increase circulation, eliminate toxins and relieve tension on the face, providing a smoother, softer and radiant skin.

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