Diamond Challenge Project to Represent Turkey Ergo

alstom completed the Eskisehir Kutahya Balikesir railway line interlock project
alstom completed the Eskisehir Kutahya Balikesir railway line interlock project

Entrepreneurship to high school students around the world, offering the opportunity to experience first-hand the Diamond Challenge from high school entrepreneurship program, for the second time in Turkey EGİAD - Held in İzmir in partnership with Aegean Young Business People Association.

Last year, the high school only after the organizations that participated in the second stage taking place this year in Izmir, Turkey from Istanbul, Iğdır and abroad while teams from Egypt was included in the competition. The winner of the 2021 competition was high school students named Demir Alp, Melis Asiyo, Selin Dönmez and Serra Çelik from Istanbul Hisar Schools with their Ergop project. The project, which is a virtual dietitian guide application that reduces your carbon emissions and develops sustainable eating habits through a gradient diet change, will compete on the global stage for a prize pool of $ 11 at the Virtual Diamond Challenge Summit, April 16 - 100.000 in the USA.

The Diamond Challenge Final, which took place in a virtual environment due to the Covid-19 outbreak, received 5 team applications, including more than 1922 thousand high school students. This year, there was a record participation in the Diamond Challenge program, where approximately 766 applications had been received until last year. Last year 21 teams from 18 countries and 766 states participated in the summit, which ranked first in world organizations as a professional business development and networking activity among high schools, while 50 teams from 30 countries and 835 states made it to the semi-finals this year. Application of the competition in Turkey qualifiers also seen an increase of 8 percent EGİAD hosted online in Izmir.

Turkey qualifying for the final of the competition in which the team won five entrepreneurs, on February 5 EGİAD by online. Turkey finale, Ted Istanbul from Hisar School and College, Igdir Special Caspian Anatolian High School, from Qena, Egypt Alsalam STEM School and again in Egypt from Alexandria Stein Alex Schoolkatıl I gösterdi.final the juries; Mustafa Aslan (EGİAD Chairman of the Board), Aydın Buğra İlter (Chairman of the Board of EGIFED), Neşe Gök (Chairman of İnci Holding Board), and Zeynep Öner (TOBB İzmir Provincial Women Entrepreneurs Board - Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee) took part.

We Transcend Entrepreneurship Culture

Activity, EGİAD It started with the opening speech of Deputy Chairman Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer. Stating that world resources are being consumed rapidly with the usual conventional ways of doing business, Yelkenbiçer said, “We believe that a different perspective is required for sustainable business models. We see our young entrepreneur candidates and entrepreneurs who can bring this perspective to us as a hope for our country and humanity ”. Yelkenbiçer pointed out that, as the Aegean Young Business People Association, they have kept the issue of entrepreneurship on the agenda since 2011, “We continue to add different projects on entrepreneurship every year, to raise awareness, to provide trainings, and to ensure the spread of both entrepreneurship and angel investment concepts. State support for entrepreneurship has increased in recent years. Entrepreneurship culture should be instilled starting from schools.

We, as an NGO, gladly undertake this task in many of the activities we organize. ”The first Angel Investment Network accredited to the Undersecretariat of Treasury in İzmir and Aegean Region. EGİAD Expressing that they have created a strong bridge between their angels and entrepreneurs and investors, Yelkenbiçer said, “EGİAD Melekleri has contacted more than 2000 entrepreneurs, organized 24 entrepreneur-angel investor meetings and invested in 14 venture projects so far. He has also provided mentoring support to many entrepreneurs. TUSIAD Bu Genclik Is Var! Was organized to increase the awareness and competence of young people in the university on entrepreneurship, to encourage and support them and to convey the concept of angel investment. It has also managed to become the partner of its program in the Aegean. Such a big event as well as conducting the Turkey leg the second time in terms of our institution is also a source of pride. EGİAD Ş., with this vision that we started by supporting the spreading of entrepreneurship at high school level, today, when the team members presenting their business ideas to us, when they move to university, TÜSİAD Bu Gençlığı İŞ Var! We are always happy to be with them with our angel investment network in order to be with them with the Aegean program and to provide the necessary resources for them to have sustainable initiatives at the end of the day ”.

Informing about Diamond Challenge 2021 EGİAD The angel told the Executive Vice Chairman of Izmir Free Kılınçlar in this competition last year, this year only done with all that takes participants from both schools, both in Turkey and abroad. After Özgür Kılınçlar, who gave the details of the program, presentations were made by the students. Pepapp Founding Partner Berke Uygun conveyed the story of entrepreneurship in the “Inspiring Entrepreneur Key Note Speakers” speech between the program. Sharing how he succeeded, from his dreams of becoming a consul to his initiative to implement a menstrual calendar, Uygun made various recommendations from taking the first step into entrepreneurship on this journey to the influence of people in his network. Uygun emphasized that especially young people should include entrepreneurship in their career goals.

US Ergo from Istanbul in Turkey Hisar Schools Project to Represent

Students of Istanbul Hisar Schools faced the final of the competition, which witnessed a tough struggle. First team coming; It was the Ergo Project. Students with Demir Alp, Melis Asiyo, Selin Dönmez, Serra Çelik, a virtual dietician guide application that reduces your carbon emissions and develops sustainable eating habits through a gradient diet change EGİAD further improving the mentoring project in the US on April 11-16 by the global stage representing Turkey in the Diamond Challenge Summit event organized by the University of Delaware will compete for the largest prize pool of $ 100.000.

First Team: Istanbul Hisar Schools - Ergo Project
Team Members: Demir Alp, Melis Asiyo, Selin Dönmez, Serra Çelik
Project: Virtual dietitian guide application that reduces your carbon emissions through gradient diet change and develops sustainable eating habits.

Second Team: Istanbul Ted College - Eventlist Project
Team Members: Emir Şahin, Serkan Akın, Azra Alpaslan, Emir Elmalı, Mehmet Şahin
Project: Platform that makes the person more efficient in both social networking and personal planning skills.

Third Team: Egypt - Alexandria - Stem Alex School -D Chair Project
Team Members: Rana Osama, Habiba Mahmoud, Amira Shoby, Habiba Hisham, Nora Hussain,
Project: A chair design that you can use in your daily life and that generates free electricity when you do your work.

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