Minister Selçuk: We Will Get Together With Our Workers and Employers More

We will meet more with our minister selcuk workers and employers.
We will meet more with our minister selcuk workers and employers.

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, announced that they will meet more with workers and employers this year to reduce the negative effects of the pandemic on the workforce.

Stating that they aim to visit 450 thousand different workplaces this year through İŞKUR, Minister Selçuk said, "Our job and vocational consultants will transfer our incentives and services we have given to increase employment here," he said.

Minister Selçuk stated that job and vocational counseling services will be provided more effectively this year in order to determine their needs in order to reach a qualified workforce.

Job and Vocational Counseling for 2.2 Million People

Reminding that consultancy services are also provided to citizens seeking employment, Minister Selçuk said: “Last year, we provided job and vocational counseling services to more than 1.9 million citizens. We will continue to bring all job seekers, especially women, youth, disabled people and groups requiring special policies, to the labor market. We will use our job and vocational counseling service more effectively. In this context, we aim for approximately 2.2 million people to benefit from this service. In addition, we will support our youth and students, who are the guarantee of our future, in their career choices and career planning. We will assist in job search processes. "

We Will Increase The Number Of Employment Fairs

On the other hand, Minister Selçuk stated that they will focus on employment fairs to eliminate the need for qualified workforce by bringing employers and job seekers together and said, “In our fight against coronavirus, we will open our fairs that we care very much for employment in case the number of cases is reduced to a minimum. In addition, by increasing the number of virtual fairs we have organized four times so far, we will continue to bring our citizens looking for jobs in the digital environment independent of location with employers from all over the country ”.



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