Two New Pedestrian Overpasses from Izmir Metropolitan to Buca and Konak

Two new pedestrian crossings from Izmir Buyuksehir to Buca and Mansion
Two new pedestrian crossings from Izmir Buyuksehir to Buca and Mansion

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is renovating the Şehit Er Altan Yenil pedestrian overpass on Konak Mürselpaşa Boulevard, and a new pedestrian overpass to Buca Doğuş Street. kazanyelling. Both crossovers will enter service in April.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, taking into account the demands from citizens, a new pedestrian overpass to Buca Doğuş Street kazanyelling. There will be low-sloping ramps, stairs and elevators at the entrance and exit of the pedestrian overpass, which is designed especially to provide safe transportation between Dokuz Eylül University Tınaztepe Campus and residential areas. Thus, the transportation safety of cyclists, disabled and pedestrians who want to cross the street where the traffic is fast and dense will be ensured.

Both renovation and escalators are installed

Renovation works continue on the Martyr Private Altan Yenil pedestrian overpass on Mürselpaşa Boulevard, which was damaged due to the crash of the vehicle. The pedestrian overpass that provides access from Ege District to Yenişehir region, Hilal Metro Station and Medicana Hospital has a steel carrier system. In addition to two fixed stairs, two escalators will be added to the project.

Both pedestrian overpasses, which will cost approximately 5 million lira in total, are planned to be opened in April.

6 more pedestrian overpasses will be built

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, in order to provide uninterrupted pedestrian access on main arteries, Karabağlar, BayraklıIt will build 6 new pedestrian overpasses suitable for elderly and disabled use in Çiğli and Menemen districts. Ankara Caddesi 283/1 Street intersection will renew Özkanlar and Göztepe Martyr Kerem Oğuz Erbay pedestrian overpasses.

New overpasses at the intersection of 4592 Street and 4586 Street on Karabağlar Sevgi Mahallesi Dostluk Boulevard, Bayraklı Ozan Abay Street will be in front of Yeni Girne and Şehit Erhan Vuruşkan Park, Çiğli Balatçık District at the intersection of 8780/11 street and 8782 street and Menemen Gendarmerie Station.

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