Lithium Battery Life Will Be the first electric bus in Samsun in Turkey

Electric Buses Are Coming to Samsun
Electric Buses Are Coming to Samsun

Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir said that a tender will be held in the coming days for the electric bus, which is known for its financial savings as well as being environmentally friendly.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir, who came together with business people in the City Meetings program held at the Multi-Purpose Hall under the leadership of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and exchanged ideas and explained the ongoing projects and investments, said, “The Metropolitan Municipality is at the point where every person living in Samsun is next to. We are open to everyone's suggestions and recommendations about Samsun. We are here to listen to you today. We will work mutually on your one-to-one requests. Whatever we can contribute, we are always with you. Your support is very important for us, and for you, ”he said.


Stating that they started working on the solution of the parking lot problem in the city center, Mayor Demir said, “We go step by step. We will have solved almost all of the problem in the coming period. By rebuilding crossroads and boulevards, we will completely solve the parking problem in Samsun. We will redesign Atatürk Boulevard, İsmet İnönü Boulevard, 100.Yıl Boulevard and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Boulevard within the scope of adaptive intersection and boulevard renovation works. We will introduce applications that will finish parking on the roadside. We work with ASELSAN. "We will hit all problems with a scalpel as the water flows in the river."


Electric buses will be tendered in the coming days to express Chairman Mustafa Demir, "Catalcam from and to the airport for the first time Taflan of lithium battery-powered electric bus in Samsun in Turkey are going to implement. One line. There will be 10 buses and we will put 5 of them on that line. Electric buses are domestic production. Its batteries are only produced outside. But the battery in the coming days it will be produced in Turkey. Aselsan will make a special design for us. In the first place, we will spread between Çatalçam -Taflan and Airport, and then to the whole of our city ”.

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