Response to Zam Rebellion in Cargo: 'Exorbitant Raise Claim Is Not Correct, Let's Talk About Our Competence'

The answer to the raise in the cargo is not correct, the claim of exorbitant raise is not correct.
The answer to the raise in the cargo is not correct, the claim of exorbitant raise is not correct.

With the pandemic, the increase in e-commerce has increased the demand for the cargo industry. Allegations that this situation has been reflected in shipping charges and that there has been a raise of almost 100 percent in the last year have come to the fore. Speaking on these allegations, Yaşar Kımıl, Co-Founder of Cargo in One Day; “Recently, the news about the exorbitant price hikes in the cargo prices, which are met with great reaction from industrialists to craftsmen and consumers, do not reflect the facts. It is not an ethical act to attribute the hike made by one or more companies to the whole sector. As a new generation cargo company, we made discounts, not hikes, contrary to what is claimed. There are many variables in determining shipping prices. In addition, the increase in demand requires an improvement in service quality, not a raise. " said.

Upon the allegations that a 100 percent increase in the cargo sector was made in the last year of the pandemic; He stated that the allegations were unfounded. Stating that they are working with more than 60 e-commerce companies, Yaşar Kımıl; “In this period when brands and e-commerce platforms cannot keep up with the incoming demands, we are working with all our strength to continue our services without interruption. We are a profession group at high risk due to the epidemic. However, despite all the negativities, we put ourselves forward to deliver the orders to their owners quickly and safely. As a new generation cargo company, we carry 25 thousand cargoes per day thanks to our investment in technology and the system we have established. Our aim is to minimize shipping costs with our advantageous and competitive prices to our customers we serve. In order to keep up with increasing demands, cargo companies have to accelerate their infrastructure investments and reflect their increasing costs on cargo fees, it is out of question for One-Day Shipping. As a young company that is extremely dynamic and able to take action quickly, we continue to work without experiencing any adverse events in this difficult process that we have been prepared from the beginning, and without applying any price changes to our customers contrary to what is claimed. It is not on our agenda to plan an increase in delivery fees for the e-commerce companies we serve in the coming days. " said.

Stating that the claims should not be attributed to all cargo companies and the sector, Yaşar Kımıl continued his words as follows: “There are many variables in determining the cargo prices. The claimant in question represents the automotive industry. In this sector, the price of the product itself is much higher. Therefore, the price of the price of the price of the product and the cargo should not be confused with each other. However, an increase in demand against a sector does not cause a hike, on the contrary, it causes price competition. Instead of bringing these unfounded claims to the agenda, it should be discussed how this sector, which has become the locomotive of the economy, should provide better quality service and its competence.

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