Little Bursa Students Will Learn Traffic Rules With Fun

Scholarship children will learn traffic by having fun
Scholarship children will learn traffic by having fun

The Child Traffic Education Center, designed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, will allow children to learn traffic rules with fun.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented many projects such as new roads, bridges and intersections, rail systems, and popularizing public transportation in order to prevent traffic and transportation from being a problem in Bursa, is starting another privileged project to raise a well-equipped generation. The projects of the Child Traffic Education Center, which is among the election promises of the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, have been completed by the Department of Science Affairs. The construction area of ​​the project, which will be implemented on an area of ​​6065 square meters near Nilüfer Stream in Odunluk District of Nilüfer District, will be 530 square meters. Designed purely for educational purposes, the project will consist of prefabricated, reinforced concrete and steel structures. The project, which has approximately 300 meters of bicycle path and walking path, includes 1 administrative building, 1 miniature auto warehouse, 126 covered tribune with 1 people capacity, 1 passage tunnel and 1 pedestrian overpass. The project, which is expected to cost approximately 3 million TL, will be provided with 1,5 million TL support from the Spor Toto Organization, and the construction tender of the project will be held in February.

Special facility for children

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that they mobilized all means as the Metropolitan Municipality in order to make the new generation more educated and equipped. Reminding that they have brought together hundreds of children with pre-school education thanks to the Mother Lap Training Centers they have brought to Bursa in the last 1 year, Mayor Aktaş said, “Our Child Traffic Education Center project will also be exclusive to children. Our children will have fun and learn the traffic rules practically. Considering that most of the problems we experience in traffic today are caused by rule violations, we understand how important it is to individuals who know and apply traffic rules very well. For this reason, I attach great importance to the project, which we see as a link of the investments to be made in the solution of the traffic problem ”.

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