Railway worker Uğur Bilen was seriously injured as a result of his accident in İzmir

Railway worker was seriously injured as a result of the accident he had in Izmir.
Railway worker was seriously injured as a result of the accident he had in Izmir.

📩 17/02/2021 13:16

In the accident that took place on Sunday in İzmir Biçerova Garda, Biçerova personnel, a train worker and also a member of the Railroad-İş Union, Uğur Bilen was seriously injured.

During the wagon maneuver, worker Uğur Bilen's foot fell under the train, who fell from the moving train. It was informed that worker Bilen, who was taken to İzmir Yeşilyurt State Hospital, continues to be treated in intensive care.

Hamdullah Giral, head of the Izmir Branch of the Railroad-İş Union, with whom we talked about the issue, said that they went to the worker immediately after hearing that the incident took place and said, “The reason for the increase in work accidents is due to the lack of necessary measures. Precautions should be taken as soon as possible and deficiencies should be eliminated. Especially risk analysis reports prepared by occupational health and safety experts need to be made while workers are working in the field. Then the reports are prepared correctly and measures can be requested from the employer accordingly. In addition, occupational health and safety experts must be fully autonomous. There should not be workers hired by the employer. When that is the case, the necessary measures are not taken, ”he said. Giral stated that they are with the seriously injured worker Uğur Bilen as a union.

United Transport Union (BTS) Izmir Branch President Erdal Akyol said, “One of our workers was injured during the wagon maneuver. It is not yet known exactly what the incident occurred from. An investigation has been initiated on the subject. We, as a union, will prepare a report and present it to the institution management ”. Referring to the increasing number of accidents, Akyol said, “Accidents occur in our institution due to lack of personnel, pressure on personnel and failure to comply with regulations” and stated that they will follow the incident. (Source: İzmir / UNIVERSAL)

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