New Era 'Park Continue' at Ankara Metro Stations

Park in ankara metro stations new term, continue
Park in ankara metro stations new term, continue

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş realizes projects that will breathe the traffic of Başkent one by one. EGO General Directorate, which brings together alternative transportation projects with the people of Başkent in order to minimize the traffic problem, will start an environmentally friendly application to reduce vehicle traffic and direct vehicle users to public transportation vehicles on Friday, February 12, 2021 from the National Library Station.

With the system developed by looking at the civilized examples in the world, the use of public transportation vehicles will be encouraged by the "Park and Continue" car parks to be built in or near the metro stations. Passengers who prefer the subway for transportation will benefit from the parking lots where they park their vehicles free of charge.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş continues to implement transportation projects that will ease the traffic of the capital one by one.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to encourage the use of public transportation vehicles throughout the city and develops projects in this direction, now aims to increase the use of public transportation vehicles and prevent traffic congestion by building "Park and Continue" parking lots. The first "Park and Go" system starts on Friday, February 12 at the National Library Station.


With the project aiming to reduce the use of vehicles, environmentally friendly transportation will be provided and the use of public transportation vehicles will also be encouraged.

At 26 stations of Ankara Metro Park Et Continue EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş, who explained that parking lot works are continuing, gave the following information about the new application that will start at the National Library Station on Friday, February 12:

“One of our most important projects is 'Park Continue'. With this project, we aim to reduce vehicle traffic in the city and provide an environmentally friendly transportation service by directing vehicle users to public transportation and rail systems. We identified 54 stations out of 26 stations in Ankara Metro. Among these, we chose 2 stations as the pilot area. The first of these was the National Library Station. The parking lot here has been empty since 2014. We will open this place on February 12th. In the Macunköy Station, which was selected within the scope of the second pilot region, the Department of Science Affairs will soon be tendered. We expect tenders for other stations during the year as well. "


While the works are being accelerated to arrange and open the parking lots at or near the Rail System stations, passengers using the metro will benefit from the parking lot free of charge.

In the project, which will relieve the urban traffic, a paid tariff system will be applied for citizens who use the car park only for parking. ANKARAKART will be used for parking exit turnstiles over the full boarding.


Drivers will enter the entrance turnstile at the entrance of the car park by scanning their ANKARAKART, which they will use in the rail system collective vehicles, and pass through the stations by paying a boarding fee.

On the day of entry to the parking lot, if the return is made in accordance with the hours of the rail systems, free passage will be provided through the exit turnstile. You can benefit from free use not only in one way but also in two-way and non-stop transportation. Passengers making one-way transportation will be deducted from the parking fee.

Vehicles remaining in the days following the day of entering the parking lot will pay a fee for the day and hour of their stay. Since registration cannot be created with credit cards or NFC phones, only ANKARAKART can be paid.

The fee schedule to be applied to passengers who will only use the Park & ​​Continue system as a car park is as follows:


FEE (Full Ticket)

0-15 Minutes


15 Minutes-1 Hour

2 tickets

1-4 Hours

3 tickets

4-8 Hours

4 tickets

8 Hours-Operation completion

5 tickets


6 tickets


The parking lot for 2 cars in the National Library Station, one of the two pilot stations selected for the 'Park and Continue' system, will be operational as of Friday, February 430.

Preparing to put out the tender for the Macunköy Station, the Department of Science Affairs will also tender in 17 for the parking lot of 2021 stations whose projects are ready. Following the project work of the other 6 stations, it is planned to build and deliver a 400-vehicle car park for Söğütözü Station within the scope of the protocol signed with the business center contractor.


A total of 26 stations where the 'Park Et Continue' project will be implemented are as follows: Akköprü, Yenimahalle, Demetevler, Hospital, Macunköy, Ostim, West Center, Mesa, Botanic, Istanbul Road, Eryaman 1-2, Eryaman 5, Devlet Mahallesi, Wonderland, Fatih, GOP, Törekent, Koru, Çayyolu, Ümitköy, Beytepe, Ministry of Agriculture / Council of State, Bilkent, METU, Söğütözü, National Library.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to sign projects that prioritize human and environmental health, aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the city by reducing the use of vehicles by expanding 'Park and Continue' parking lots.

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