Good news to the people of Izmir! Halkapınar Bus Station Metro Is Tender

Mujde Halkapinar Bus Station Metro to Izmir Residents Tender
Mujde Halkapinar Bus Station Metro to Izmir Residents Tender

İzmir BayraklıSpeaking at the earthquake building groundbreaking ceremony in Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, “The construction of the Izmir-Ankara high-speed train line continues. We are going to tender for the Halkapınar Otogar metro line soon. " said.

Erdogan, who started his speech by greeting his audience, wished that the earthquake houses, which started construction in the past months and which they aim to deliver in a short time, will be beneficial to Izmir and its beneficiaries.

Erdogan, wishing God's mercy to the citizens who lost their lives in the earthquake on October 30, said, "As we always say, we cannot prevent disasters, but we can reduce their destructive effects, we can heal the wounds after the disaster." used the expressions.

Stating that they rapidly implemented 5 thousand earthquake houses with this understanding, Erdoğan noted that they immediately started construction in 7 different areas, some on-site and some in reserve areas, with the works they started right after the earthquake.

Erdogan said that they will lay the foundations of 1444 houses and 208 shops to be built in the areas destroyed by the earthquake and 397 houses to be built in the reserve area.

“The on-site earthquake transformation is carried out on an area of ​​75 thousand square meters. The investment value of only the residences in this section is 800 million TL. Immediately after the earthquake in Izmir, 15 million TL was transferred for risky building rental assistance, evacuation, detection and demolition works. We are starting to deliver the residences 10 months after the earthquake, that is, in August 2021. We will deliver a total of 5 thousand residences to the beneficiaries in stages. BayraklıWe will also use the residences that we will build in the reserve area in Izmir as stock transformation residences that İzmir needs. This reserve area covers an area of ​​3 million 750 thousand square meters. "

Izmir Ankara YHT Line Construction Continues

Construction of the Izmir Ankara high-speed train line continues. We are going to the tender for the Halkapınar Otagar metro line soon. The studies of our Izmir Bay Crossing project, which I think is a service project that suits our city, have been completed. The zoning plan studies continue. We have completely renovated Adnan menderes Airport and it is now at your service.


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