40 Million Euro Armored Vehicle Export From Katmerciler in One Item

million euro armor export from katmerci in one item
million euro armor export from katmerci in one item

Katmerciler will have signed the biggest export revenue in a single item with a package agreement of 39 million 450 thousand Euros, including different armored vehicles. Delivery of the vehicles will be done in batches and will be completed next year. In addition to Hızır, the border security version of Hızır will also be included in the export package. Also, armored personnel carrier Khan will enter the inventory of a friendly nation army for the first time.

Furkan Katmerci: This agreement, which includes a wide product range, was made with another country, not with the African country mentioned in the press recently. The entry of armored vehicles developed for different needs into the inventories of friendly countries' armies is a source of pride for both our country and Katmerciler.

Katmerciler, the dynamic and innovative force of the Turkish defense industry, signed a large-scale new agreement on armored defense vehicle exports. According to the agreement signed with a friendly country, the total size of the package consisting of armored vehicles suitable for different needs is 39 million 450 thousand euros. This amount is the biggest export agreement signed by Katmerciler in one item so far.

Among the armored vehicles to be exported under the contract, there will be Katmerciler's own armored combat vehicle Hızır and Ateş, which is a specially developed version of Hızır for border security. The first Khidr export was made to an African country last year. With the agreement, the armored personnel carrier Khan will also be exported for the first time and enter the inventory of a friendly country.

The agreement in question was made with another friendly country, not with the African country mentioned in the news in the press recently. In addition, this agreement is a package agreement that is not based on a single product, but includes different battleships.

The delivery of the vehicles, which will start in 2021 and will be made in batches, will be completed in 2022. The agreement will make a significant contribution to Katmerciler's export revenues in the next two years.

Export Road Grew with Hızır

Reaching different countries with different armored products in the past years, Katmerciler realized its first major export in the field of defense with Hızır. The first 20.7 million dollar export agreement of Hızır, which is the most powerful armored combat vehicle of its segment in our country, developed by Katmerciler, was made last year and the vehicles were delivered.

The special version of Hızır, which was designed for border security, entered the Turkish Armed Forces inventory last year and the vehicles started to work in the field. This specially equipped vehicle will now serve for border security in a friendly country.

Armored personnel carrier Khan will also be exported with Ateş for the first time. Developed by Katmerciler to meet all the requirements of security forces for operations in all kinds of climatic conditions, Khan has a monocoque armor steel body, produced in NATO standards, providing high protection against mines and handmade explosives, high maneuverability, easy to maintain, 4 × 4. a security tool.

Katmerci: Our Export Move Will Continue

Furkan Katmerci, Deputy Chairman of Katmerciler Executive Board, made a statement following the signing of the armored export agreement and said, “Our efforts for the export of our defense industry products, each of which has high qualifications in its own category, continue to bear fruit. With the contribution of Turkey's rising reputation on an international scale defense industry has signed an agreement to be approximately 40 million euros, our country is extremely gratifying and proud for our industry and our company. The fact that there are armored vehicles from different segments, not a single product within the scope of the agreement, is an indication of the trust in Katmerciler quality and the Turkish defense industry ”.

Stating that the deliveries under the contract will be made in batches, Katmerci continued his words as follows:

“This success will not only enable Turkish armored vehicles to take a stronger place in the inventories of friendly countries, but will also contribute to Katmerciler's export initiative and increase its export revenues. We have completed the year 2020 above our revenue, export and profitability targets. As a public company, we are delighted to give good news to our investors and shareholders. This new agreement will make a significant contribution to the export targets of the next two years. We continue our way confidently in line with the goals we have set. Our export move to friendly countries from different parts of the world, especially Africa, continues. We believe we will continue to give good news. It is among our primary goals to increase our exports in the field of defense, to increase our total revenues and profitability. "

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