Electric Buses to Serve in Antalya Nostalgic Tram Line

Electric buses will serve on the nostalgic tram line of Antalya
Electric buses will serve on the nostalgic tram line of Antalya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is implementing the electric bus project in order to ease the urban traffic and contribute to the environment by making a revision in public transportation. The first test drive of the electric bus, which is aimed to serve on the Nostalji Tram line, was carried out. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, which always follows the latest technologies and innovative solutions in the field of public transportation, has started test drives for the electric bus, which is among the goals of Mayor Muhittin Böcek and seen as the future of public transportation.


Modern and environmentally friendly electric buses will be integrated into the Nostalji Tramway system, which is operated as a single line between the Museum and Zerdalilik. The first test drive of the 10,7 meter electric bus was attended by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Chief Advisor Dr. Cem Oğuz, Head of Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning Rail System Department Nurettin Tonguç, Antalya Transportation Inc. Chairman of the Board of Directors Deniz Filiz and officials attended.


Providing information about the project, Chief Consultant Dr. Cem Oğuz stated that the Nostalgic Tramway, which continues to serve in Antalya, is a revision of the vehicles between 1959 and 1963, “The vehicle we test drive today is completely domestic production. It is a comfortable, quiet, environmentally friendly transportation vehicle that is suitable for today's conditions and can be easily used by our disabled citizens. Electric vehicle with zero exhaust emission capacity of 90 people. Today, we will continue by sharing the first trial runs with our Antalya people for 1 month. We will subject their vehicles to a trial process at other domestic manufacturers. We aim to revise nostalgic trams with these electric buses, even if they are suitable for their use. All of our efforts are to increase the comfort and satisfaction of our citizens' urban travels. We want to bring this revision work, which is among the goals of our Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Böcek, to the people of Antalya ”.


Nurettin Tonguç, Head of the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning Rail System Department, pointed out that the people of Antalya love the nostalgic tram, but there are technical problems, “Such new technologies are always popular in the world. Environmentally zero emission. We care about bicycle transportation and public transportation for our city. For this, he said, we want to bring electric buses to Antalya transportation.

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