22-28 February 2021 Daily Energy of the Week

my desire is sheeper
my desire is sheeper

February 22 2021

Moon enters Cancer at 06:52, morning hours can be a bit of tension in terms of communication and business. Afternoon hours are much more suitable for job interviews, today we should pay more attention to our inner voice while showing a slightly more emotional and touchy structure. You can get surprise news later in the evening.

February 23 2021

The Moon continues to move in Cancer, it is a positive day, a number of issues that everyone has seen as a problem for a long time may have been resolved. In this respect, you can feel better and more comfortable. So pay attention to eating and drinking. The evening hours are very suitable for prayer and meditation.

February 24 2021

The moon passes into emptiness at 07:54. The moon passes into Leo at 15:22, a day when we will need to put ourselves forward for the next two days, when we will have a little self-confidence.

February 25 2021

The moon continues to move in Leo, especially today, pay attention to spending, do not bother with your manager, boss family elders in the morning, pay attention to communication.If you have important meetings today, please take it to the afternoon. In the evening, attention to exaggeration in shopping, the negative interaction of the Moon with Jupiter can make us over-spend our emotions unnecessarily. We may get pessimistic thoughts later in the night. hours when the divine frequency is high.

February 26 2021

The Moon is beginning to move in the last degrees of Leo, Jupiter's positive interaction with the North Node and the South Node at 00:17 pm The harsh interaction of the Moon with Mars at 14:31 in the afternoon tells us to pay attention to the moon later into the void. The moon passes into Virgo at 20:07. The next days we will be in a more investigative and servant mood. The harsh interaction of the moon with Venus may cause unwanted situations in our relationship later in the night.

February 27 2021

The Moon continues to move in Virgo. Today we are likely to receive happy news in the morning, when we feel better. The Full Moon that takes place in Virgo in the sky at 11:17 am will enlighten us both individually and globally, so today some may rejoice, some Virgo service issues may be on our agenda in the coming days as they represent our health and our animal siblings that we feed in our home. Please visit my blog to read my full moon. Moon's negative interaction with the North Node and South Node at 22:44 We may worry about our future while it is happening around. You can find the full moon ritual at the end of my Full Moon summer.

February 28 2021

The Moon continues to move towards the last degrees of Virgo. The negative interaction of Neptune with the Moon in the early hours of the morning expresses that we are open to being deceived, and it is noteworthy when shopping online or shopping with anyone. Ideal hours to do sports at home pass into the void at 18:57 towards the evening. As of 22:16, I would remind you that the Moon will move into Libra and there will be developments regarding financial and relationships in the new week.

Source: Ayşe Koyuncu


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