Chinese Cars DFSK Devi, the first electric SUV Model Seres 3 Brings to Turkey

dfsk electric suv model seres
dfsk electric suv model seres

China's 3rd largest carmaker DFSK Motors' first electric SUV model developed in the C-SUV segment Seres 3, is coming to Turkey to deliver the most economical driving experience with the power received from the superior equipment. Preparing to reform the electric vehicle revolution initiated in the automotive sector, Seres3 will bring the privilege of electric driving to the top with its superior equipment level.

Seres 3, since 2016, the only representative of the Şahsuvaroğlu automotive distributor in Turkey, opened the order books in the first quarter of this year, Turkey will begin his adventure. In addition to its superior equipment, it will provide an advantage in the competition in its segment with prices starting from 440 thousand TL.

In the automotive market, the most important indicators that will affect vehicle sales in 2021 are; exchange rate dynamics will be the SCT and interest rates, which are expected to decline with the supply-demand balance. New models will take the lead role in sales. Many new models will land in showrooms from the first quarter of the year to the end of the year. Chinese automotive giant DFSK will take huge steps towards increasing its position in the Turkish automotive industry in 2021. DFSK C-SUV segment in three electric models developed by the Seres, after Europe, the Şahsuvaroğlu automotive distributor, will release in Turkey. The brand's sales points in 3 service network throughout Turkey and has 20 points.

High-end equipment with European Type Approval

reflect the changing realities of the world, along with the development in technology, the way to develop future-oriented solutions for mobility DFSK, will provide the first electric model in the SUV segment with new approaches to sustainable mobility that identifies Turkey. Seres 3, whose top level equipment has been registered with the European Type Approval, will provide vehicle users with a safe and economical driving experience. With its new vehicle, the concept of mobility, which is increasingly widespread in the automotive industry; will carry it to advanced levels with user and environment friendly, economical solutions.

Chinese government and private sector cooperation

DFSK, the first partnership of the Chinese government and the private sector in the automotive industry, is the third largest automaker in China. Dongfang, which is the 3 percent partner of the company, is the 50th largest automotive manufacturer in China.

Exclusive long-distance driving

Integrating European standards of production and superior quality into its new model, DFSK is determined to end the use of gasoline with Seres 3. With its easy-to-charge feature, Seres 3 prepares vehicle owners for long-distance rides by providing a full charge in 8 hours. It takes users on a privileged long-distance journey by traveling 300 kilometers with a full charge capacity.

It will be available with a household charging kit

Seres 3 will be available with a home charging kit that is as easy to use as a phone charger. Imports into Turkey will be carried out in accordance with European standards.

Pushing the limits in the SUV

This new electric SUV with compact dimensions stands out not only with its superior quality but also with its price advantage in its segment. It pushes the limits in SUV by introducing new features not only in its own segment but also for higher segments.

Superior equipment level

2 produced in 3 separate hardware Seres, Turkey comes with superior hardware package. It has a maximum power of 120 kW (163 hp). It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 8,9 seconds. It can reach a maximum speed of 155 km / h. The engine of Seres 4,39, which has a front-wheel drive length of 1690 m and an empty weight of 3 kg, can produce 300 Nm of torque. With a 52,5 kWh lithium battery, it can reach a range of up to 300 km. Electricity consumption is 100 kWh per 18 km. With fast charging, the filling time is 50 minutes (from 20% to 80%). It can complete a full charge in 8 hours with normal charging.

Has advanced driving technologies

Equipped with advanced driving technologies in Seres 3; There are lane tracking system, smart collision avoidance system, electronic stability control system, brake assistant, traction control system, hill landing and take-off systems, anti-skidding, radar-assisted brake system equipment. The interior equipment includes driver and passenger seat heating, Panoramic Sunroof, GPS / Navigation, 360 degree panoramic parking assistance system.

possessed brings the first electric car giant SUV model dfsk to Turkey Seres

Technical and Hardware Features

  • Front Wheel Drive Electric Motor
  • Weight: 1690 Kg
  • Maximum Power: 120 Kw (161 Hp)
  • Maximum Speed: 155 Km
  • Acceleration: 0-100 Km / h 8,9 sec
  • Range: 300 Km
  • Driver and Passenger Seat Heating System
  • Panoramic Sunroof
  • GPS / Navigation
  • 360 degree panoramic parking assistance system
  • It will be offered as standard, especially in this hardware level, such as the Ghost Dial.
  • Battery Capacity: 52,7 Kwh
  • Charge Time: Fast Charging (50 minutes) from 20% to 80%
  • Normal Charge (8 hours) Full charge

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