Cargo brought from Ivory Coast by ship was sent to Bulgaria by train from Tekirdağ

first transit high from medlog train station to bulgaria
first transit high from medlog train station to bulgaria

With the participation of Tekirdağ Governor Aziz Yıldırım, 20 container cargoes came to Asiaport Port from the Republic of Cote d'Ivoire and loaded onto the train from the Medlog Train Station, and were sent off to Bulgaria from Tekirdağ. Containers will arrive 12 days earlier by train, thanks to transit freight, which is among the first.

The cargo that previously went to the Burgas Port of Bulgaria by sea, passing the Istanbul Strait, will be transported by rail with Asyaport's Medlog Train Station connection, saving a great deal of time.

Speaking at the farewell, Governor Yıldırım; Turkey's geography, as you all know, is on a very important location. It is truly a bridge connecting the East and the West. Turkey is an important center between East and West. As we all know, we are in a geography that has always been a road route connecting East and West since ancient times of history, has been a route to the silk road and has been a center. This is how today's silk road is established. Caravans used to go in the past, today they go by trains, ships, planes and trucks. As you know, the trade we call transit is the mode of transportation in which the goods sent between two countries pass through the third country without being subjected to any customs procedures. The cargo, which would reach Burgas from here with a loss of time of 10-12 days before, will now reach its destination without wasting time. Hopefully, the load will reach its factory by tomorrow evening. The difference is an important one. I present to your appreciation what a time difference of 10 or 12 days means, especially in the industry, in areas where competition is very tight. In this regard, it is a new field for Tekirdağ both in terms of transportation and opening the way for Turkey. kazanI would like to thank Mr. Ahmet Soyuer and his son Emre Soyuer. I would also like to thank Ahmet Soyuer and Medlog Company for their assistance in the development of the loading and unloading equipment and facility at our station with an investment of approximately fifty million dollars. As you know before, the first export freight train, the day our President visited our city, we said goodbye to our city on 13 November, together with our Speaker of the Assembly. Today we bid farewell to the first transit export containers. May it be good, lucky, prosperous. I hope you are in the best way without any accident and trouble.

After the speech of Governor Yıldırım, the ribbon was cut and the train was sent off.

In addition to Uğurmaya Governor Aziz Yıldırım, Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Albayrak, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Kd. Alb. Osman Kılıç, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Cengiz Günay, Chairman of the Board of Asyaport Ahmet Soyuer attended the meeting.

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