A New Age Has Begun In The Treatment Of Hearing Loss

A new era has begun in the treatment of hearing loss
A new era has begun in the treatment of hearing loss

Former President of Otology and Neurootology Society and Ear Nose Throat and Head and Neck Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Ülkü Tuncer, all over the world, thanks to the cochlear implant, hearing loss can be restored kazanHe stated that a new era has begun, but low awareness is an important obstacle to widespread use.

Prof. Dr. Tuncer gave information about the Delphi Consensus study and its results, which brought together important academics and non-governmental organizations on hearing health and treatments, and developed global strategies for cochlear implantation of adults. Dr. Tuncer stated that the study, in which experts reached a consensus on the implantation of adult individuals in our country, is an important guide in terms of raising awareness and determining the steps to be taken in terms of access to current treatments.

The International Delphi Consensus Statement, which sets global standards on awareness and treatment approaches that will provide more widespread use of cochlear implants that can provide full hearing in adult patients with total hearing loss, draws attention to the issue of what can be done in adults with advanced and profound sensorineural hearing loss. According to the statistics shared after the study, it is stated that only 20 out of every 1 adults who can benefit from a cochlear implant has a cochlear implant.

Speaking on the subject, Prof. Dr. Ülkü Tuncer said: “While it is possible to hear more healthy with the use of cochlear implants, the number of adults who will benefit from cochlear implant is unfortunately very low due to low awareness. Patients who can reach a definitive solution lose time by using hearing aids that do not fully meet their needs and only receive partial support. This results in the irreversible loss of hearing and understanding. We know that cochlear implants produced using innovative technologies provide better hearing and 8 times higher speech understanding than other solutions. We get very successful results with cochlear implant applications and rehabilitation programs performed in patients whose condition is suitable as a result of examination and examination by ENT physicians. "

prof. Dr. Ülkü Tuncer stated that life expectancy in Turkey is increasing gradually, as in developed countries, and that hearing loss that can occur at an early age, if left untreated, causes individuals to lead an isolated life by separating them from social life for many years. Dr. Tuncer continued as follows: “Awareness of more patients about cochlear implant applications made by SGK within the scope of reimbursement at University and Training and Research Hospitals. kazanWe will be able to overcome a serious public health problem and hearing disability due to permanent hearing loss.”

Delphi International Consensus Statement on Turkey and the world Referring to the importance of Dr. Stating that, thanks to this declaration, all experts and patient associations working in the field of hearing have reached an up-to-date roadmap, Tuncer said: “Individuals' lack of knowledge about hearing loss is one of the most important problems all over the world. Today, only 20 in 1 people who could benefit from a cochlear implant are implanted. Panelists, consisting of 13 experts, consisting of Otorhinolaryngology specialists and audiologists from 31 different countries of the world, and leaders of 7 Consumer and Professional Association non-governmental organizations, signed an international declaration, and in fact, it was possible to benefit more from technology in the treatment of hearing health and thus, the hearing impairment to a large extent. they announced the beginning of a new era from which it could be destroyed. "

Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Specialist from Washington University School of Medicine. The Delphi Consensus Statement, chaired by Craig Buchman, was published in the JAMA Journal of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery in recent months as a completely objective and impartial study.

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