8-14 February 2021 Daily Energy of the Week

my desire is sheeper
my desire is sheeper

Monday, February 8, Energy of the Day

The moon is moving in Capricorn, we are more responsible and we are more distant to our loved ones, we can get surprise news in the morning, those who are creative do not miss the first hours of the morning. This transit is also happening. Take your time and energize for today.

Tuesday, February 9 Energy of the Day

The Moon is moving towards the last degrees of Capricorn, today is passing positively. The first hours of the morning are suitable for sports and today your work in the morning hours can be productive. At the same time, the support you will receive from the autotrity figures increases your energy. the moon flows to you from the dome of the sky, I say, accept it. The moon then passes into the void. Meditation and contemplation will be good for you later in the night.

Wednesday, February 10 Energy of the Day

The Moon goes to Aquarius at 04:20, pay attention to the square angle of Mercury and Mars, this aspect is active today especially in the afternoon hours, and we are mentally open to negative energies, let's transfer our energy to positive studies. We can easily handle our work that needs to be completed in the afternoon hours, we can be better organized. Negative news may annoy you towards the evening.

Thursday, February 11 Energy of the Day

The Moon continues to move in Aquarius and we need to express ourselves more freely and we need to express ourselves. The positive angles in the sky in the early hours of the day are very suitable for your prayers and wishes. We can organize properly with our colleagues at work in the morning and do good work. First of all, the positive aspects of Mercury and Venus and some old business and love opportunities appear, while at the same time, the Moon and Sun come together in Aquarius in the Sky Dome to form the New Moon.This is a little special New Moon because there are so many planets in the sky New Moon takes place at 22:05, and then the Moon enters the void. Do not forget to make wishes for the new moon when you see the crescent moon in the sky.

Friday, February 12th Energy of the Day

We start the day in the absence of the moon and it will be better to make time for ourselves in the morning hours.It will be better for us to make plans for the future. You can take.

Saturday, February 13, Energy of the Day

The Moon is moving in Pisces today, the conjunction of Mercury retrograde and Venus in the morning hours whispers us to be careful about relationships and financial matters. Afternoon hours may force us in terms of work and business environment. I recommend you to evaluate.

Sunday, February 14, Energy of the Day

Moon is moving in Pisces, we are on a romantic day, today is Valentine's Day, a time to love, count and remember all our loved ones by feeling not just one day but every day Today, the positive aspect of Neptune with Mars in the morning hours increases our energy, knowing that every action we do has a consequence I would like to point out that if we move and display the energy of love in the morning hours with our actions from large to small, the high energy will be greatly recycled to us. Also, the positive aspect of the Moon with Pluto is a means of improving our awareness. The moon is transitioning into emptiness at 10:28 in the morning, let's listen to ourselves, listen to our inner voice, spend twenty minutes a day alone with yourself. The moon passes at 18.54 in Aries, and we can behave in a dynamic and hasty manner on some issues.The positive aspects that Venus will have with Kad and Gad at 20:59 in the evening are very positive in terms of the relationship, I recommend that you make your conversations and even your small statements about the future at these times.

Source: Ayşe Koyuncu


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