8-14 February 2021 Weekly Horoscopes

my desire is sheeper
my desire is sheeper

We are entering the most beautiful week of February. The magic of Valentine's Day at the end of the week takes hold of the whole week. This week the sky is sending beautiful energies for us mortals, it seems that the Fatality has realized how difficult we are and this week has put its best energies at our disposal. Since Mercury will be sitting in the heart of the Sun at these moments, then, on Thursday, the movement of the two best benevolent planets in the sky promises us luck at around 16:45 p.m. on Monday. It is time to express your wishes at 17:59. Saturday is the day before Valentine's Day, especially at 10:47 in the morning, especially for your old loves to wish for love and money. Sunday night, which is Valentine's Day, is the North of Venus. Its interaction with the Lunar Node and the South Node We start this week in the Moon Capricorn sign, Monday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, the positive days of the week, we complete the week when the Moon is in Aries. Venus, which represents Love and Money, marks the week, especially its conjunction with the retrograde Mercury retrograde. Pay attention to relationships, do not take an eye out when I say eyebrow structure, our choice should be good and beautiful. The New Moon, which will take place in Aquarius on Thursday, at 22:05 this weekend, is the time to make wishes when you see the Crescent in the sky.

Aries 'Old jobs and loves are coming back'

Hello Dear Coaches, you start the week with positive developments about your career. Attention to Wednesday, there may be misunderstandings in communication with the people you cooperate with. It is also useful to stay calm without sudden reaction. You can meet with your friends on Thursday. You can meet with your old friends. You can reunite with your associates and old friends. Towards the end of the week it's time to take time for yourself and organize about the future.

Taurus '' Changes in career ''

You start the week with good developments in higher education, international issues, social media. Pay attention to Wednesday, especially in your business environment, there may be problems in communication with your superiors and colleagues. Yeniay, which takes place in your career house on Thursday, tells you about new beginnings. It is also useful to pay attention to your expenses especially in financial matters. Pay attention to Saturday, when you will spend pleasant hours with your friends at the weekend, some difficulties in communication are possible. In the evening, more time for yourself and mental reflection time.

Gemini '' Opportunities on international issues ''

Dear Gemini, you start the week with good developments regarding payments and income from others. I recommend paying special attention to your social media posts and communication language on Wednesday, weekdays. Yeniay, which takes place on Thursday, offers you new opportunities for higher education and international issues. On the other hand, you can think of a new opening in your career. You can meet with your loved ones in the evening.

Cancer '' You may have to make new financial decisions ''

You start the week with good developments about your relationship and business partners. While focusing on your business and relationship on Monday, there may be delays in paying on Wednesday, there may be delays in the payment of tax credits. attention.You can get news about your distant relatives at the weekend and spend time browsing social media.

Aslan '' An old love is back in theaters ''

You start the week with the problems in your daily flow. Be careful with your health while trying to get things right until the middle of the week. It is possible to have some misunderstandings about bilateral relations and your business partners on Wednesday, and it is useful to solve these issues calmly, it is not right to make a quick decision right now. You can bring your old love back to you, you can meet with your business partners for a new work. You can evaluate the alternatives that need to be done right now. You can follow the developments in international issues, higher education social media while welcoming the weekends more calmly. suitable watches for.

Virgo '' Time to get back to work ''

Dear Virgins, you start the week with good developments about love children, what you will experience can make you happy. Pay attention to your language of communication on Wednesday, midweek, be careful not to come to the provocation of the other side. You may have to be reorganized. It is possible to have a bit of difficulty. Developments in your weekend relationship house can make you happy, while you are happy with your partner or your lover, I recommend you to evaluate the Valentine's Day, especially in the morning and noon.

Libra '' Happiness time ''

Dear Libra, you start the week with developments about your career. On Monday, Tuesday, your superiors can make some decisions about your colleagues. If there is a lover on Wednesday, attention to communication with children, wrong and untimely words may hurt you.

Yeniay, which takes place on Thursday, can make you happy with an old love, those who are struggling to have a child. Those who are engaged in creativity can turn back to your old jobs this period. Weekend hours to take care of your health and order. I recommend that you make your schedule towards the evening hours if possible. Available hours for after 19:00

Scorpio "You can make new decisions about the house."

You start the week with the positive developments in your business. You may not be able to take your mind off from the busy schedule of your work on Monday and Tuesday. Pay attention to the words you use in communicating with your family elders on Wednesday, there are misunderstandings. Yeniay, which takes place on Thursday, offers you new beginnings in matters related to your home. You can consider buying a new house, you can decide to move. This year's Valentine's Day may be full when you will live full of love. Enjoy your happiness.

Sagittarius '' new business opportunities ''

Dear Sags, you start the week with developments in financial matters.Monday and Tuesday, it is possible that you will experience increases in your money resources. Watch out for communication with your close siblings and friends and business-related people on Wednesday, a day open to discussion and discussion. Thursday can get good news about your work, education, your close circle. At the end of the week, you can take care of your family elders, find yourself dealing with issues such as buying and selling houses. I wish you a pleasant week after 19:00, when you can have a good day of the Valentine's Day.

Capricorn '' New income opportunities ''

Dear Capricorns, you start the week with the developments about yourself. You can especially be happy about your relationship. You can get positive feedback from your colleagues and managers on Tuesday. Misunderstandings about your customers on Wednesday, possible tension in communication. Yeniay, which takes place in your money house on Thursday, offers you new income opportunities. At the end of the week, brothers, it's time to take care of your neighbors. Ideal hours for Valentine's Day are morning hours, other times you may want to take care of your home. Have a pleasant week.

Aquarius '' Time to take steps for a new life ''

Dear Aquarius, you start the week in a pessimistic way, before the New Moon, which will take place in your own sign, you may be a little more depressed and low in energy. At such times, a little meditation and prayer practice will be good for you. Yeniay, which takes place in your own home on Thursday, promises you a new you, so you can both innovate about your appearance and make some important decisions about your life.At the end of the week, while financial issues are on the agenda, we recommend that you use the morning hours to make your Valentine's day a good one. Thank you. Have a pleasant week.

Fish '' You are on the eve of creating new routines ''

Dear Pisces, you start the week with good news about your friends. You can get positive results with the people you are conducting a joint project with at the beginning of the week. On Wednesday, you may find yourself criticizing, you may need to analyze. Do not beat yourself up too much during this period. The New Moon that takes place in Aquarius on Thursday is a means to listen to your inner voice, daily You can make important decisions about your flow. At the end of the week, you can have a good time with your partner, your spouse and your partner, you can enjoy the whole weekend together. I wish you a pleasant week.

Source: Arzum Koyuncu


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