7 Effective Precautions Against Bad Breath!

pandemic created awareness in bad breath
7 Effective Precautions Against Bad Breath!

The use of masks, which is a part of our daily life with the Covid-19 process; it brought the person to realize his own bad breath and the search for a solution. Bad breath, which is a serious problem that can be considered as a reason in divorces, causes difficulties in communication, especially in communication. Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital Prosthodontics Specialist Dr. Dt. Hatice Ağan “Bad breath is a very sensitive issue, just like the smell of sweat; Sometimes people are afraid to tell their loved ones that their mouth is bad, waiting for the person to realize this. However, due to the masks that have become a part of our lives with the Covid-19 infection, there has been a serious awareness of bad breath in patients. Despite the frequent change of masks, the number of patients who said that they had a bad smell independent of what they ate and who applied to our clinic with bad breath increased considerably during the pandemic period. says. Stating that halitosis has different causes, with its medical name or bad breath, Dr. Dt. Hatice Ağan explained the reasons that lead to bad breath and listed effective measures that can be taken; made important warnings and suggestions.

There are many reasons for bad breath!

Considering the distribution of halitosis (bad breath) between genders, it is seen that although there are different studies, it is more common in men than in women. While aging is a significant factor for the increase in bad breath, children may also experience bad breath, especially during mixed dentition periods and throat and tonsil infections. Dr. Dt. Stating that there are pathological and physiological causes of bad breath, Hatice Ağan explains these reasons as follows:

Physiological halitosis; more dietary habits, onion, garlic, etc. While it occurs due to foods and being hungry and thirsty for a long time, pathological halitosis, which is dangerous, can be caused by some health problems.
Pathological halitosis; In addition to digestive system diseases such as ear-nose-throat diseases, nasal discharge, sinusitis and tonsil diseases, reflux, ulcer, gastritis; It can be caused by lung and respiratory diseases, chronic kidney failure, diabetes, and hematological diseases.
The most common cause is mouth and teeth!

Oral and dental health problems are the most common cause of bad breath. So much so that its rate among all causes reaches 80 percent. Dental caries and plaques accumulated on carious surfaces, bacterial layers, incompatible fillings with the mouth and gingivitis are among the most obvious causes of bad breath.

Foods that accumulate between teeth cause stinking gums. Plaque and tartar adhering to the surface of the teeth first cause inflammation of the gums; from there it can spread to the jawbone.

The third molars, which are called 20-year-old teeth, while trying to find a place in the mouth, not only cause crowding, but also bad breath.

Poor oral hygiene, ie not brushing regularly and not using dental floss, is also on the list of the most common causes of bad breath.

Watch out for popular diets and sugary foods!

Dr. Dt. Hatice Ağan states that excessive protein consumption forces our body to burn fat cells for energy and continues as follows: “This process includes residual products called ketones; therefore, it causes an odor released through the breath and urinary tract. Studies show that vegetarians have less bad breath than those who consume animal-based foods. When we look at today's current diet models, protein-heavy and ketogenic diets or long-term hunger, which we call intermittent fasting, can also cause bad breath. We recommend those who make this type of diet to consume plenty of water. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies and reduced saliva flow can also cause bad breath. "

There are devices that measure bad breath

Although the awareness of bad breath increases with masks, the search for diagnosis and treatment for this problem is not new. Stating that they are halitosis measuring devices that provide objective information about the level and causes of bad breath by measuring sulfur compounds, Dr. Dt. Hatice Ağan said, “Thanks to the measurements made with these devices, we can see why the patient's bad breath originates and at what level it is, and we prepare a treatment plan accordingly. We work together with ENT and Gastroenterology physicians when necessary. says.

7 simple but effective measures against bad breath!

Dr. Dt. According to Hatice Ağan, it is possible to prevent bad breath with 7 simple measures to be taken. These measures can be listed as follows;

Regular tooth brushing and interface care

Teeth should be brushed from the gum to the tooth at least twice a day for two minutes; In addition, the interdental spaces with the most caries should be cleaned with dental floss or an interface brush. Surfaces facing the tongue, palate, cheek and chewing surfaces of the teeth should be cleaned with electric or manual brushes.

Tongue scrub

Since the velvety texture of the tongue contains a large amount of microorganisms on its surface, cleaning these microorganisms with special tongue brushes is very important in preventing bad breath. Mouthwashes are also useful in providing a fresh breath due to their antiseptic properties.

Regular dental check-ups

20-year-old teeth that are not pulled in time may cause pockets and odor in the posterior region. If the crowding of the teeth is not corrected orthodontically, oral care becomes difficult. Decay of teeth and gingival diseases become easier. Preventive dentistry practices, dental calculus cleaning with regular dentist control twice a year will ensure that all the above-mentioned oral and dental problems will be solved without progressing and causing bad breath.

Cleaning dentures

There may be bacteria and fungus accumulation on prosthesis surfaces that are not cleaned regularly. Smelling may occur due to sticking of food residues; Therefore, dentures should be cleaned with special brushes and stored in antiseptic solutions.

Abundant water consumption

Drinking plenty of water is useful in combating bad breath. It provides removal of accumulations in the mouth and prevents dry mouth.

Avoiding tobacco products and alcohol

Dr. Dt. Hatice Ağan “Tobacco products and alcohol threaten the general health and cause bad breath. Bad breath can also be added to dozens of reasons to quit smoking and alcohol. Due to smoking, attachments increase in the mouth, tartar accumulation becomes easier. Smoking causes gum disease to progress more insidiously. Tobacco and excessive alcohol use is also one of the most important causes of oral cancers. " says.

Biting vegetables and fruits

When eating foods such as apples and carrots by biting, the increase in saliva increases and the tooth surfaces are cleaned more easily. Eating fruit by biting activates the production of salivary glands. Chewing sugar-free gum can also increase the amount of saliva and prevent bad breath.

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