5th Region Investment Support is Offered to Energy Efficiency Projects

Region investment support is offered to energy efficiency projects
Region investment support is offered to energy efficiency projects

Vat Energy General Manager Altuğ Karataş gave comprehensive information about the 5th Region Investment Incentive, which closely concerns industrialists, factory and energy managers.

Industrial facilities can benefit from 15th Region Investment Supports within the scope of projects that reduce their energy density by 5 percent. Moreover, it is possible to benefit from these incentives even if the facility is in a metropolitan city. Providing comprehensive information on the subject, Vat Energy General Manager Altuğ Karataş said, “5. You can also include energy efficiency projects within the scope of Regional Investment Support. If you have an annual energy consumption of 500 TEP and above and your energy efficiency investment pays off in less than 5 years, you can put your investment in the 5th Region Investment and Incentive program. Only one condition is sought for this. You need to reduce your energy density by more than 15 percent in the process or business you will apply. If your place of activity is located in the 1st Region, it is sufficient to apply to the 5th Region Investment Incentive and Support project of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. Your temporary incentive certificates will be prepared by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance and you will be entitled to receive the incentive when you reduce your energy intensity. " said.


Providing information about the advantages and supports offered within the scope of the 5th Regional Investment Incentive, Karataş said, “VAT exemption, customs tax exemption for machinery purchase, insurance support if you need to employ personnel in this department, and field support if an additional area is needed for investment. The most important support is provided by the finance. The government grants 2 points for the loan you will receive on a foreign currency basis and 5 points for the loan you will use in TL. The state provides support, incentives and grants for energy efficiency. Let's continue to develop energy efficiency projects and continue our investments. Let's make our future even better. " said.

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