3 Things You Should Know About The Design Of HUAWEI FreeBuds Studio

What you need to know about designing huawei freebuds studio
What you need to know about designing huawei freebuds studio

In the age of digital audio, online streaming and wireless audio, accessing music is now easier than ever. The FreeBuds Studio, the world's first smart dynamic noise-canceling wireless on-ear headphones, launched by HUAWEI this year, broke new ground in the world of audio devices. Looking extremely different from other headphones on the market, HUAWEI FreeBuds Studio brings a new breath to the audio industry.

An engaging design philosophy

HUAWEI FreeBuds Studio strikes the perfect balance between display, function and comfort. It was the pursuit of this balance that inspired Huawei's product designers to create a versatile wireless headset that meets the needs of consumers in every way.

In its pursuit of balance, Huawei turned to geometry as its inspiration. The geometric aesthetics seen and felt throughout society, from art to architecture, from fashion design to consumer technology, formed the basic design philosophy of HUAWEI FreeBuds Studio. Ultimately, this philosophy enabled product designers to strike the perfect balance between appearance, function and comfort.

The entire design of the headphones consists of simple lines and circles that eliminate intricate shapes and structures, creating a minimalist design for a unique look. The power button, strobe light and charging port are neatly designed and lined up in a row to visually satisfy.

Gramophone inspired

The design of HUAWEI FreeBuds Studio was inspired by the gramophone. With their simple lines and elements, the headphones effortlessly blend perfectly with a variety of everyday outfits.

Over the years, the arm and turntable have worked together to play music on the gramophone, and now HUAWEI FreeBuds Studio does the same today. The outer covering of the ear caps is made of a metallic matte material for a more elegant look. Unlike other flat and wide headband arms, the 7mm diameter stainless steel headband arms are round and elegant.

Designed for comfort

When creating HUAWEI FreeBuds Studio, product designers needed to experiment with various head shapes to ensure long-lasting comfort around the user's ears and head.

After thousands of pressure tests and testing various proportions of materials that make up the ear cups, headband, and head cushion, HUAWEI FreeBuds Studio has created a pressure-reducing headset. The outer layer of the ear cushions is made of protein leather, which is very soft, breathable and skin-friendly even when worn for a long time.

The inner diameter (65 x 42 mm) is designed to provide a wide range of uses to comfortably fit different ear sizes. It is made of a special fabric that can breathe and insulate the noise well. The internal cushioning foam of the ear cushions has been subjected to multiple density adjustments to distribute pressure evenly.

The HUAWEI FreeBuds Studio headband provides a high degree of flexibility and durability. With a maximum curvature of 150 degrees, the headband can stretch up to 40mm and offers more flexibility than most other headsets on the market to fit more head shapes. It does not disturb the owner during prolonged use, such as traveling by airline or working in a noisy office.

The HUAWEI FreeBuds Studio headband arms are made of precision angled stainless steel that makes them thinner and more corrosion resistant than their competitors. The top layer of the headband uses the same vegan leather as seen on the HUAWEI Mate40 Pro Series, which makes it durable.

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