about istanbul new airport
34 Istanbul

About Istanbul New Airport

Istanbul New Airport, also referred to as the Third Airport, is an international project whose construction was completed in Istanbul, Turkey. The Airport, which was built on the European side of Istanbul and on the Black Sea coast, is located on an area of ​​76 square kilometers. [more…]

Food that is good for the lungs

10 Nutrients Good for the Lung

Dietitian Salih Gürel gave important information about the subject. The Corona virus problem, which shows its effect in the world, continues. Citizens in Turkey also go through a period of isolation from home and make an effort to protect against the Corona virus epidemic. [more…]

Transfer from tmsf to tcdd press consultancy
06 Ankara

Transfer from TMSF to TCDD Press Consultancy

TMSF Press Consultant Cengiz Öztürk was appointed as TCDD Press Consultant. Öztürk, who stepped into the media in 1977, has been appointed as the Press Consultant of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality since 2000, which he has conducted for 18 years [more…]

electric scooter re ukome gundem
34 Istanbul

Electric Scooter Is On The UKOME Agenda Again

IMM brings the directive, which it has prepared to regulate the operation and use of electric scooters, to the agenda of UKOME for the second time since the regulation has not been published for 7 months. The directive, which will be discussed at the meeting on February 25, is about scooter users and [more…]

alstom completed the Eskisehir Kutahya Balikesir railway line interlock project
35 Izmir

Diamond Challenge Project to Represent Turkey Ergo

Entrepreneurship to high school students around the world, offering the opportunity to experience first-hand the Diamond Challenge from high school entrepreneurship program, for the second time in Turkey EGİAD – In Izmir, in partnership with the Aegean Young Businessmen Association [more…]