2 ANKA SİHA with Increased Range Delivered to the Navy

Increased range Phoenix was handed over to Siha Naval Forces
Increased range Phoenix was handed over to Siha Naval Forces

📩 25/02/2021 11:36

Turkish Aviation and Space Industry Inc. delivered two ANKA armed unmanned aerial vehicles with increased range to the Naval Forces Command (DzKK).

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) continues unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) deliveries without slowing down. A new delivery of ANKA, which has already increased the naval instant target detection, identification, tracking and destruction capabilities of the Naval Forces Command, has been completed. On Wednesday, February 24, according to the statement made by the Presidential Defense Industry Presidency, 2 ANKA armed unmanned aerial vehicles with increased range produced by TAI were delivered to the Turkish Naval Forces Command.

In a statement released on Wednesday, February 24, “We are increasing the lookouts of our security forces in the sky. ANKA's will continue to increase their duty in the defense of the Blue Homeland ”.

TAI delivered 2019 ANKA UAV systems to DzKK in October 3 and 2020 in August 1. ANKA UAVs delivered in October 2019 were modified with AIS. Thus, a total of 2 ANKA aircraft, 4 of which had SAR and EO / IR cameras, were delivered to DzKK. The number of ANKA S / UAVs in the DzKK inventory increased to 6.

TUSAŞ General Manager Temel Kotil announced in January 2020 that they delivered 25 ANKA S / UAVs to the Turkish Armed Forces. With the last delivery, this number increased to 27.

ANKA + studies continue

While TAI continues to improve existing UAV systems and add new capabilities, it also continues to work for the more advanced ANKA + model for the ANKA family.

ANKA +, an advanced model of ANKA, is expected to have a longer stay time in the air and a higher payload capacity. Integration of Precision Guidance Kit (HGK) and Winged Guidance Kit (UPS) to ANKA + is expected.

ANKA SİHA First Export to Tunisia

Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI), which has improved its production capacity and achieved new success in recent years, has signed a new export agreement. The bilateral meeting between the Tunisian Ministry of Defense and TAI in 2019 started for the purchase of ANKA UAV. In the first months of 2020, UAV training and financing issues were clarified and progress was achieved in the negotiations. TAI will deliver 3 ANKA-S UAVs and 3 Ground Control Systems to the Tunisian Air Force Command

The “3rd. He made important statements at the "Defense Industry Meetings" event. Varank, in his speech,

“I believe that our investments, especially in the last 5 years, will bring our country to the league of giants in the defense industry in a much shorter time. In fact, we started to receive the signals of this with our recent large-scale overseas sales. SİHA sales we made to Ukraine, Qatar, Azerbaijan and Tunisia. I believe that very soon we will see that the Bayraktar purchased from Turkey in the European skies and the tips of the Phoenix. " gave his statements.

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