Together the Future of Software Industry Fair YES Turkey

yes the software sector will come together at the turkey fair
yes the software sector will come together at the turkey fair

On No. 10 by the Fair - November 13, 2021 which will be held in Istanbul Expo Center between the dates of Software Industry and the Industry Fair (YES Turkey) technology that makes a difference in the world and has achieved global success of Turkish companies will take place.

YES Turkey Fair 12 companies from 27 different countries to participate in software companies in the region as well as in Turkey is expected, during the 4 days of the exhibition is expected to be visited by 10 thousand people

YES Turkey Trade within the scope of the Turkish companies in our country as well as between entering the software giant companies will transfer visitors to the details of the new technologies they develop. After the contacts of the purchasing committees from 12 different countries and the bilateral meetings to be held at the fair, the companies are expected to sign a 50 million dollar cooperation agreement.

The heart of the software industry will beat in Istanbul between 10-13 November 2021. No. On Fairs by Istanbul Fair which will be held at Center Software Industry and Industry Fair, to complete a deficiency heard a long time need in Turkey and our signatory to global success in the software industry companies will be organized to bring together.

Our National Technologies will open to the world

No. On Fair General Manager faithful husband, a software company with over 40 thousand active in regional and national scale in Turkey that the magnitude of the total IT market by the end of 2019, 152,7 billion, he said Turkish Lira level. Pointing out that we have a share of only 0,2 percent of the world software trade volume, Koca continued as follows:

“We will make the best use of this important opportunity in order for our country to take its deserved place in this sector globally, to bring together sector representatives at regional and local scale with major actors and to offer them business development. Software, IT, media, defense, automotive, education, health, entertainment, digital services, various industry leaders, such as financial institutions, start-ups and many technology transfer offices in Turkey, techno-parks in our country for the first time local and national in the organization; YES in Turkey, will bring together the Software Industry and Industrial Fair. "

The fair will grow every year

Faithful Husband, YES brand products and technology directly participating in Turkey the opportunity to introduce the latest developments in technology also perceive the visitors could experience seeing was passed over verbatim emerging innovations. At the same time the professional informatics through trade fairs, business people, students, academics and angel investors, products, adding work and his words can promote their discovery husband, YES Turkey's industry experts in B2B bilateral talks could do would be a platform for individual, regional, national and international participants stating that it would be an important exhibition providing the impetus needed for the software to reach a size that needs our industry gather under one umbrella husband, "YES Turkey Fair, the events will be held throughout each year, as well as the exhibition will be held year, aims to contribute to the sector's growth on a national and international scale." said.

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