Dicle University Bridge Is Illuminated

university bridge is illuminated
university bridge is illuminated

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality completed the renovation work started to ensure pedestrian and vehicle safety on the University Bridge, which connects the city center with the university, and opened the bridge to the service of citizens.

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality continues its activities in the city center and districts with the principle of pedestrian and traffic safety. Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department carried out pavement renewal and lighting on the 425-meter-long University Bridge on Fiskaya Street, which connects Dicle University with the city center, and railing for road safety.

In order to ensure pedestrian and vehicle safety, a total of 916 meters of high-speed crash-resistant guardrails and a decorative wrought-iron pedestrian rail with a length of 850 meters were installed on the bridge. As the old type lighting poles providing the lighting of the bridge were insufficient in the illumination of the road, 36 new decorative lighting poles were placed. Existing sidewalks for pedestrian use were enlarged and 600 square meters of pavement work was carried out. The worn dilatation joints of the bridge were opened and the joints were renewed with a high standard elastomer joint system, increasing the comfort of the road.

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality has offered both pedestrian and vehicle safety to the service of citizens after joint renewal, lighting, auto and pedestrian barriers, pavement and median works on the bridge, which is very intensely used due to Dicle University Medical Faculty Hospitals.



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