TürkTraktör Crowned Its Successes With Awards In 2020

turktraktor has crowned its success with awards
turktraktor has crowned its success with awards

TürkTraktör added new achievements and awards to its successes and awards in 2020 with its work in different fields, from exports to R&D and patents, to occupational health and safety.

TürkTraktör General Manager Aykut Özüner said that these achievements were a great motivation for them in a difficult year when the effects of the pandemic were felt. Özüner said, “For many years, we continue to create added value for the ecosystem we are in, with our investments in many fields and our innovative works. Fortunately, these efforts are crowned with successful results and awards, with new ones added every year. I would like to thank all my colleagues who contributed to these successes ”.

Export - Biggest and Most Valuable Brands

For many years with products that provide more than 130 countries in the world, tractor exports TürkTraktör continued leadership in, Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) made by 'Turkey's first 1000 Exporter' research, Machinery and Accessories sector was chosen as 1 st.

TürkTraktör was awarded the 2nd prize in the 'Champions Without Borders' category in the TIM Stars of Export Competition, which includes the brands that export the most to the country and add variety to its export products.

Istanbul, Turkey carried out by the Chamber of Commerce TürkTraktör Survey of 500 Large Industrial Organizations, which takes place in 56 places in the overall rankings; It was announced as the 1st in its sector. The company also prepared by brandfinan of Turkey's most powerful and valuable brands are ranked in the list of 2020 '37. Turkey's Most Valuable Brand' and was able to be the "Most Valuable Tractor Manufacturer" is selected.

R&D and Patent

two R & D work with the Center for Continuing TürkTraktör tractor sector in Turkey as of the end 2020, including 11 international, has a total of 190 active patents.

TürkTraktör R & D activities, which was prepared by TURKISHTiME "R & D 250, Turkey's most R & D expenditure Builds Companies" most patents in the study 10, which is the most R & D spending 32 was announced as the company.

Occupational health and Safety

TürkTraktör, which always adopts occupational health and safety as the top priority, is entitled to receive the TSE Covid19 Safe Production Certificate for both of its factories with the Safe Production practices it has implemented against the pandemic. kazanwas.

TürkTraktör received the 2020nd British Safety Council – International Occupational Safety Award in May 62 for its successful practices in the field of Occupational Health and Safety. kazanwas. The company returned from the MESS -Turkish Metal Industrialists' Union OHS Competition with 2 awards. The Conscious Farmer Safe Agriculture project, implemented by TürkTraktör to create safer working areas for farmers, received the 'Golden Glove' award, while the work carried out by Erenler Factory field workers was awarded the 'Golden Suggestion'.

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