Turkey's second Flying Car 'Doves' Will

turkiyenin that second end car dove
turkiyenin that second end car dove

Dr. Kursad Ozdemir, Turkey will be the second flying car "Doves" was shared about the details. The Mock-Up of the vehicle, which will consist of 4 fans and 8 engines, will appear this year. The first prototype of the project supported by MEF University is expected to be released in 2023.

Jazari developed by bikers after the second flying car project in Turkey "Dove" also showcased. The original design of the domestic flying car Kumru, MEF University Faculty Member Dr. Kürşad Özdemir explained to Haber Aero how the project developed and its road map.

"My grandfather was one of the revolutionary automobile engineers"

We are very excited, we have come to a certain stage of our flying car project. I have a family motivation from my childhood. My grandfather Jalal Taner, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, providing university education to be sent to Europe, after returning to Turkey He was given the task of building one of the young students of the republic. He mostly goes from Darüşşafaka school to Germany Konstanz Graduate School of Engineering (Konstanz Technikum) at a very young age. He studies mechanical engineering there. After returning to Turkey, along with an exciting team, even iron network in Turkey with the participation of readers in other overseas friends are starting to knit.

"Kumru's prototype in 2023"

The Devrim automobile project is a very popular project of the period. Actually there are many projects. Like local locomotives… I even know that my grandfather got a patent for a locomotive shaft protection system. But the revolution car is a project that has been in our minds. In fact, this project is a great effort that my grandfather and his friends revealed in a short period of 129 days. There was a light on me too. It was decided in a short time and it is not understood as if it was done. Let's say 40 years plus 129 days. They are all people sharpened like razors. They are the soldiers of the Republic and they are doing something good together. Of course, it can move that much in that conjuncture. Thinking alone is an important thing, but designing it is separate. It is very important to put it out as a prototype. We want to do this in the institution I am in. Our project is supported by the research projects support program of MEF University, which is my institution. Our goal is to make an exact copy this year. People can see what it looks like, let it open its door, sit on its seat, what it looks like, what its canopy looks like, what its controls look like. Our next goal is to make the prototype and continue the engineer work until 2023.

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