Turkey's driverless bus Successfully Tests Passed

turkiyenin gecti successfully testing driverless FAST FERRY
turkiyenin gecti successfully testing driverless FAST FERRY

Carrying out research and development studies on alternative fuel vehicles, smart buses and driverless vehicles, Otokar continues to shape the future in the public transportation sector. Otokar, Turkey's Okan University, conducted by cooperation driverless bus was a more prominent achievements in the study. Three years of studies carried out as a result of Turkey's first autonomous driverless bus second phase of software integration and validation tests were completed successfully.

Koc Group company Otokar, Turkey has signed a new success in the first bus intelligent autonomous operation. The company that allocated 10 percent of its turnover to R&D activities in the last 8 years; In her research and development studies on smart transportation, alternative fuel vehicles, smart technologies and driverless vehicles, she reached a level in the field of driverless buses.

Turkey's first smart Autonomous Bus studies in 2016, "The Collaborative Mobile Services Future" comosef (Co-Operative Mobility Services of the Future), the company that started the project, vehicle-vehicle and vehicle-device that development of performing the hardware and software to communicate, then this study driverless bus speeded up work. Otokar, the scope of University-Industry Cooperation Support Program with Okan University from 2018 to present "Next Level in Developing Autonomous System Bus" Turkey's driverless bus began to develop the project. After the three-year study to detect Turkey's first environment, even at low speeds and precise control of the second phase of software integration of autonomous driverless bus that provides a comfortable ride and validation testing has been completed successfully.



Stating that Otokar's vision is to protect domestic and national features in its products by developing its own technology. General Manager Serdar Görgüç“As Otokar, we continue to move rapidly towards our goal of becoming a global brand by focusing on sustainability and innovation. The past 10 years, our R & D facilities of Turkey's first hybrid bus, we took Turkey's first signing as the first electric bus. Four years ago, we introduced our Internet of Things (IoT) focused Smart Bus to the public. With each other, immediately after speaking with roadside units and traffic signaling systems Arrow Turkey's first autonomous bus system have begun to work with the University. "We are steadfastly moving forward in our goal of developing and commercializing autonomous vehicles up to the level of driving without steering, on all roads open to traffic and in all weather conditions."


Drawing attention to the importance of the work carried out for the Turkish automotive industry Görgüç; “Autonomous bus studies are a very important stage showing that it is possible to develop future technologies and efficient transportation methods that will shape the future of the transportation sector and urbanization with the human resources of our country. Our R & D engineers, Okan University academics, researchers, doctoral, graduate and undergraduate students with bus developed, qualified human resources with Turkey's innovative power to prove one more time. Our autonomous bus will provide the infrastructure for the autonomous city vehicle that Otokar will develop in line with the zero accident target, which is in the European Union 2050 targets ”.



Otokar of Turkey's first autonomous research and development activities bus is taking over the project in 4 stages. Completing the second stage, Otokar Autonomous Bus can detect its surroundings and locate its location on the map with advanced sensor fusion algorithms on private and divided roads without the need for a driver. Thanks to its sensitive controller design, the vehicle provides comfortable driving in situations where the control of drive systems between 0-30 kilometers is difficult. Thanks to its high-precision, continuous position-controlled steering driving algorithm, the autonomous bus, which can make cornering and intersection turns safely, can detect and stop the passengers waiting at the stop, and when the passengers want to get off, it is sufficient to press the stop button.

The autonomous bus, which always gives priority to pedestrians, gives way to pedestrians at pedestrian crossings and provides safe driving thanks to its emergency braking feature. When any moving pedestrian, animal or cyclist unexpectedly gets in front of the vehicle, the bus can apply emergency braking. The vehicle, which makes the decision to continue on the road with artificial intelligence, sensor fusion and software integration, automatically detects traffic lights and roadside signs.

The autonomous bus, which facilitates driving in congested traffic with the stop-and-go vehicle tracking system (Stop & Go ACC) on it, offers automatic tracking by automatically controlling its distance with the vehicles in front and next to it. The vehicle can also follow stop-and-go vehicles at high speeds in safe distances. Third stage work continues on the vehicle.

Otokar is working with this strategic infrastructure projects in the research on autonomous vehicles, and communicating with the knowledge that one of Turkey's leading university Okan University. Okan University established the Transportation Technologies and Intelligent Automotive Systems Research and Application Center in 2009.

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