With Turkey Day Flight 1297 European Summit

Europe and else the summit with turkey daily flights
Europe and else the summit with turkey daily flights

Covidien-19 while causing the outbreak of the negative effects of the recession in the aviation industry all over the world, thanks to effective measures taken to Turkey was among the countries most successful in managing this process.

At the airports where physical conditions are regulated according to social distance and disinfection processes are applied uninterruptedly, passengers continue their travels with aviation safety and flight safety, while the successes achieved in approximately 1 million km2 airspace managed by DHMI are pleasing. Tuesday January 26 next airport with all those flights took place in 1297 with the transit flight Turkish airspace Turkey, took first place in Europe.

Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager Hüseyin Keskin used the following statements in his post on Twitter (@dhmihkeskin):

Among the centers providing the most intense air navigation services in the EUROCONTROL network, our Air Traffic Control Center ranked first with 1297 flights in Turkish Airspace.

Istanbul Airport, on the other hand, became the airport with the busiest air traffic with 425 flights.



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