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Turcume Office English Translation
Turcume Office English Translation

Translation Bureau and English translation in your requests Okeanos Translation It is possible to benefit from affordable quality and reliable services! You can get translation and English translation services in many languages ​​reliably through a translation agency that has been operating in the translation industry for years.

What is a Translation Office?

They are the offices that provide translation services in various fields for many transactions. They have a staff of freelance translators, full-time translators and sworn translators in many languages. They also include editors and controllers. Translation offices have project coordinators for planning translation projects.

Okeanos Translationacts as a translation agency operating in the translation sector for many years. It has a staff of freelance, full time and sworn translators in many languages. All translation It keeps the editor and controller team that ensures the control and arrangement of the projects. It includes project coordinators who organize and assign all projects.

Our Translation Services

Okeanos Translation, as one of the favorite translation agencies of the translation sector, serves in many fields and based on many transactions. We have technical translation, legal translation, academic translation, medical translation, financial translation and commercial translation services. We also have sworn translation, notarized translation, oral translation, web site translation, book-catalog translation, proofreading, transcreation, proofreading services.

Our English Translation Service

As it is known, English is the common language of communication today. In addition, one of the primary preferred languages ​​in many areas is English. As a result, in many areas English translation need arises. Okeanos Translation provides English translation services in various fields based on many requests.

What are the Texts Translated in English?

Contract, website, meeting minutes, balance sheet, court documents, foreign trade documents, medical reports, thesis, article, etc. It is translated in English. At the same time, power of attorney, passport, identity card, driver's license, birth certificate, tax certificate, registry newspaper, etc. is translated. The user manual, catalog, brochure, EC declaration of conformity, technical specifications, product contents are other English translation texts. All documents translated into English are subjected to re-control through the editor and controllers. It is then delivered to customers in the desired format.

Translation Office Okeanos for your translation and English translation requests

Okeanos Translation operates as a translation agency that meets all translation requests of its customers, especially English translation. A company whose aim is to keep customer satisfaction always above translation Bureau provides affordable and quality service.

Translation agency and English translation detailed information about You can reach via our mail. You can also contact us on our 0553 910 31 32 GSM / WHATSAPP / TELEGRAM line or our corporate line at 0212 221 45 21.

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