How to Buy Medicinal Products with Committee Report?

How to buy medical products with the committee report
How to buy medical products with the committee report

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The delegation report is an official document showing the health or illness of the persons. The other name of this report is the health board report. It is prepared as a result of the examinations and examinations made by 3 specialist physicians in different branches. It is usually required by government agencies. Businesses in the private sector may also request a delegation report in order to carry out some official transactions of their employees. Committee reports may be required on many different issues. Military service, leave, civil service, disability, tax relief, employment, medical product or drug supply, retirement and driver's license are a few of these. There are some points to be considered in order to prepare the committee report accurately and quickly. Although it is more difficult to change an incorrect or incomplete delegation report than to issue a new report, in some cases it is not even possible to change it. In such a situation, various grievances may occur. Used in the treatment of diseases medical supplies or a medical device In order for health products such as health products to be covered by insurance institutions, a health board report is requested. Whether the person's illnesses are related to the products he needs for treatment or not is documented with reports and prescriptions from hospitals. In order for medical products to be covered by the insurance, the necessary documents must be submitted to the institution. The institution examines the documents and gives approval if they comply with the legislation. For this reason, it is very important for patients and their families to prepare committee reports, or health board reports, in accordance with the procedure and current legislation.

In order to obtain a committee report (health board report), it is possible to apply to a full-fledged public or university hospital, as well as to a private hospital that has a medical board and has an agreement with SGK. Before applying to a private hospital, it should be investigated whether the health board of the hospital is active and the validity of the reports they have issued. Since the agreements made by some private hospitals with state institutions expired, the delegation reports issued at that time also lose their validity. Delegation reports received from private hospitals that do not have an active medical board are not accepted by state institutions. The reports issued especially for the supply of medical products are rejected by insurance institutions and the prices of the products written in the report are not covered.

What are the Required Documents for the Delegation Report?

The delegation (health board) report is actually an official document. Signed by physicians from several different branches, legal equivalent and it is a report accepted by government agencies.

There are some documents required for the delegation report application. These documents may also differ depending on the hospital. The standard documents required in all hospitals are:

  • ID card photocopy
  • 3-4 passport photos
  • Petition on the subject

These documents are required for all delegation report applications. Different documents can also be requested during the application, depending on the reasons for requesting the report.

The application unit may vary depending on the functioning of the hospital. Applications are generally accepted from either the counseling unit or the health board unit. In addition, it may be necessary to pay some fee depending on the reason for the report. In some circumstances, no fee is paid for the delegation report. The amount to be paid may vary depending on the hospital, and it is more appropriate in public and university hospitals. If the committee report is incorrect, it is necessary to pay a fee again and issue a new report. In some cases, the fees will be wasted because new reports cannot be obtained. Therefore, during the application, your petition it must be arranged correctly.

Do I Have to Pay a Fee for the Delegation Report?

Paid transactions are generally valid for special occasions. No fee is generally charged for the medical board reports required for the supply of medical products and medicines.

Hospitals may charge a fee for the delegation report at the time of application in the following cases:

  • driving license
  • Employment
  • Military service
  • Disability
  • Gun license
  • Going abroad
  • Adoption
  • Appointment of guardian
  • Hunting license

For special delegation reports, public hospitals can charge 100-200 TL, university hospitals 100-300 TL, and private hospitals 100-500 TL. The amount of fee may vary depending on the hospital. In addition, some hospitals may have different requests such as treatment fees or teller fees.

The amount to be paid may differ according to the fee schedule of the hospital that issued the committee report. The fees may vary depending on the reason for the report, its content, the necessary health tests and the insurance status of the applicant. The most accurate and up-to-date fee schedule of the hospital from the advisory section can be learned.

How Long Does It Take To Prepare Delegation Reports?

The preparation time of the committee reports may vary depending on the density and functioning of the hospital. After the application, the relevant doctors should be examined. After the examinations are completed, the documents are prepared by the secretaries in the health board and recorded in the hospital system. After this process, the day of the board is waited and it becomes clear whether the report will be prepared according to the decision of the health board. The decision time may also vary depending on the density of the hospital and the physicians in the health board.

Board meetings are held on certain days of the week in some hospitals and every day in others. Committee reports regarding the health status of the applicants are prepared and signed by the members of the delegation. The report is put into effect with the signature of the chief physician. It is difficult to give clear information about how many days this whole process will take. Usually in total Between 1-2 days to 1-2 weeks changing processes can be mentioned. However, it may take longer depending on whether the physicians who are members of the delegation or the chief physician are present at the hospital. For example, one of the members may have gone to a congress abroad or was assigned to another city for a few days or got permission. If such a non-standard situation occurs, the preparation time of the committee reports may be extended. In private hospitals, the preparation time of health board reports is generally shorter compared to public and university hospitals.

Is a Committee Report Required to Procure Medicinal Products?

Some medical products may need to be used during the care of patients. These can be medical devices or medical supplies. There is institutional payment for some of these products. SGK or private insurance companies pay all or part of the products. Details about this, Health Implementation Communiqué (SUT) determined by. A committee report is required to benefit from payment support.

There are 2 different methods to get reports about medical products. In the first method, the treatment of the person must be continued in the hospital, in the other, the patient must be reapplying to the hospital. If the person is in the hospital and will be discharged, reports are prepared by the medical board while still in the hospital. If the patient has previously been discharged and wants to renew his or her report, he may need to go to the hospital again. In such a case, the relevant physicians may want to examine the patient again. Some reporting can be done without going to the hospital. For this, the Ministry of Health Home Health Services can be applied. These services are provided by units specially established in public hospitals. For this first of all 444 38 33 Registration must be made by calling the phone number.

Before the reports are prepared, the necessary medical examinations are made. Medical devices and medical products needed by the patient are determined by physicians. Afterwards, a committee report signed by all members of the health board is prepared. The report signed by a single physician is only valid for patient diapers.

In addition to the report, an up-to-date prescription issued by the patient's doctor is also required to receive insurance support. Financial support is provided by SGK through 2 different systems:

  • Refundable Medical Device System

In order to benefit from the returnable medical device support, you should first apply to SSI or a private insurance company by obtaining the report and prescription. For medical products not included in the Refundable Medical Device System, a medical device sales center contracted with the SGK should be consulted. Both systems work differently.

An application must be made to insurance institutions with a report and a prescription. The prescription should contain information such as the patient's name, surname, identification number, prescription date, protocol number, diagnosis, name and amount of the medicinal product, doctor's stamp and signature. On prescription primary diagnosis or a ICD code of primary diagnosis must be included. In addition, the information on the prescription should be consistent with the relevant report. It is not possible to benefit from the support of insurance institutions and organizations, as no action can be taken with prescriptions that are incompatible with the report or containing incomplete information.

How to Get Insurance Support for Medical Products?

With the prepared report and prescription, financial support can be obtained from SSI or private insurance organizations for medical product prices. Some products are covered entirely, some of them partially. There are also medical products that do not support payment. How much support can be given to which product is determined by the Health Implementation Communiqué (SUT) issued by the SGK. Patients can purchase non-payment products by themselves or apply to social assistance organizations and request financial support. The difference fee is also required for products with partial payment support.

The reporting and procurement process of medical consumables and devices are different from each other. These are divided into 2 as Returnable Medical Device System and MEDULA. In the Reimbursed Medical Device System, SGK gives the medical devices available in its warehouse to the patient free of charge. These are used devices. If the devices needed by the patient are not available in SGK's warehouse, a new device can be procured from any contracted medical device sales center.

In order to benefit from the Refundable Medical Device System, firstly, the SSI is applied. If there is no device in the warehouse of the institution, a note is written by the authorities on the report stating "there is no warehouse available". After these procedures, you are entitled to financial support for the device. In order to receive payment support from the institution, the device must be purchased from any medical device sales center and then applied to the SSI with the report, prescription and other requested documents.

The reimbursement process of the SSI is as follows: The patient himself or his first-degree relative, health committee report, doctor's prescription and a document from the institution that there is no device in the stocks, by going to any medical device sales center that has a contract with the SGK and paying the whole price of the medical product he needs. buys. With the documents issued by the company afterwards To SSI will apply. The payment is made to the bank account specified by the person, if any, or to the patient's ID number via PTT within approximately 1 month after the application.

Some of the medical equipment payments were transferred to MEDULA on 02.01.2017 and the SSI payment method of these products was changed. The institution is not directly to the citizens as before, to medical device sales centers started to pay.

MEDULA is an online software and a medical equipment provision system that can be accessed on the internet. Thanks to MEDULA, medical device, medicine, healthcare material, diagnosis, diagnosis and similar information can be recorded in the system and previous records can be followed. Citizens can supply the medical products they need from medical companies that have signed a contract with SGK, along with reports and prescriptions.

How are Medicinal Products Procured from MEDULA?

Since the consumables that patients want to supply are not included in the scope of returnable devices, their supply can be made from medical device sales centers (medical companies) contracted with SGK. A report and prescription is prepared by the hospital for the medical supplies required during discharge. For the supply of necessary materials, medical companies are first consulted.

The company, which has a contract with SGK, records the information of the patient and the products that the patient needs in MEDULA. Thus, the payment amounts determined by SSI with SUT are entered into the system. How much financial support the patient can receive for which product is determined by this system.

In order for reports and prescriptions to be processed through MEDULA, the patient's discharge must be approved by the hospital. Patients whose treatment continues in the hospital cannot benefit from SSI for medical supplies. If an e-report is prepared in the hospital, the report is automatically added to MEDULA. If a paper report is prepared, the registration process must be done manually. First report, then prescription procedures are carried out. Once the report is saved, as long as it is valid, only with new prescription material can be procured.

It is the committee report that determines the preparation of the prescription. At most, products can be supplied in the quantities specified in the delegation report. For example, if the number of products is specified as 30 per month in the committee report, a maximum of 45 products can be purchased, even if the prescription contains 30. If it is stated as 30 in the delegation report but 20 in the prescription, the institution provides payment support for only 20.

If there is a need for medical equipment as a result of situations such as "traffic accident", "work accident" or "forensic case", for MEDULA transactions, together with the report and prescription "Official report informs the situation" should also be given by the patient. Otherwise, SGK does not provide payment support.

The provision of devices that are necessary for patients but not within the scope of return are also provided by MEDULA by contracted medical companies. These devices are:

  • Surgical aspirator
  • Cool bed
  • Pulse oximeter

How Many Physicians Sign Medical Product Reports?

The number of physicians' signatures required in the report varies according to the type of product to be written. For example, the signature of a single physician is sufficient for the diaper report, while the signature of all members of the medical board is required for the mechanical ventilator. In addition, all reports must be signed by the head of the health board or the hospital chief physician.

How Long Is The Report And Prescription Valid?

Prescription validity period for returnable medical devices, including weekends and public holidays 10 is the day.

Prescription validity period for consumables (MEDULA transactions) Is 5 working days.

The validity period of the reports of non-treated medical device, CPAP-BPAP mask, surgical aspirator, air bed and pulse oximeter in SGK is 2 months. Apart from these products, the validity period of the medical device reports for which a period is not specified is 2 months, and the validity period of the reports (such as 6 months, 1 year, 2 years) is the same as in the report.

For medicinal products included in MEDULA, the report has a validity period of up to that date, if there is a date, or up to 2 years if there is no date.

If the validity period expires, the report or prescription must be rearranged with a new date.

After applying to SSI in the Reimbursed Medical Device System 1 in months devices must be supplied and their documents must be submitted to the institution.

Is it necessary to pay difference fee for refundable medical devices?

If returnable medical devices are to be procured with the support of SSI, firstly, the institution should be applied with a report and a prescription. If there are no medical devices needed by the patient in the warehouse of the institution, devices can be procured from contracted medical device sales centers. In such a case, the entire device price is paid, then the documents prepared are delivered to SSI and the institution is expected to pay back. In the Refundable Medical Device System, SGK makes the payment to the insured, not the company.

Payment supports determined in SUT are fixed. Due to changing market conditions, inflation and rising exchange rates, the prices of devices do not remain constant and increase. For this reason, it may be necessary to pay a difference fee on top of the institutional payment for most devices. For example, a medium quality CPAP device is currently on the market for around $ 1200. The institutional payment for this device is 702 TL. The SGK covers 1200 TL of the CPAP device purchased for 702 TL. The remaining 498 TL will be paid by the patient himself. Even if the difference price is paid when purchasing, the devices property of the institution gets past.

In cases such as the recovery or death of the patient, the devices that the SSI has paid back or given from its warehouse should be returned to the institution. For this reason, the name of the system is "Returnable Medical Device System".

How are Institutional Payments for Refundable Medical Devices?

After the necessary documents are prepared correctly and submitted to SGK, payment is made to the account of the insured. The documents required for this are:

  • Certified report
  • Recipe
  • Invoice
  • Debit document
  • undertaking
  • Warranty certificate
  • Company UTS certificate
  • Device ÜTS certificate
  • Barcode label

The validity period of the report, which has been medically controlled and approved as "no warehouse is available", is 1 month. In order to benefit from SSI support, the products written in the report must be purchased within 1 month. After the products are supplied and the documents are delivered to the institution, within 20-45 days, the SSI contribution fee is refunded to the PTT with the identification number of the insured or to the salary account at the bank, if any.

Are the Devices Given from SSI's Warehouse New?

Medical devices needed by the patient can be given from the institution's warehouse. These devices used and devices returned to SSI. Accessories such as masks and breathing circuits that must be used with the devices are supplied as new. If the new ones of these accessories are not available in SGK's warehouse, the institution pays for the accessories separately. These payment amounts are also specified in SUT.

If there are devices written in the patient's report in the SSI's warehouse, payment support is not provided for devices purchased from medical companies.

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