Historical Eskiköy Wooden Mosque to be Unearthed

the historical eskikoy wooden mosque will be removed to the day
the historical eskikoy wooden mosque will be removed to the day

The historical Eskiköy Wooden Mosque in Ordu's Gürgentepe district will be restored with the initiatives of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality and made ready for worship.

The mosque, which will be handled with great care from the ceiling to the floor decorations, will be unearthed within the scope of the restoration works to be carried out by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Department of Zoning and Urban Planning Department of Protection Application and Inspection.


The head of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Zoning and Urban Planning Department İlhan Yılmaz said that the building will be renewed in accordance with its original.

Head of Department Yılmaz continued his words as follows: “As the Metropolitan Municipality, we attach importance to the historical past of our city and work to transfer our historical buildings to future generations. In our district of Gürgentepe, we will restore and protect the Eskiköy Wooden Mosque, which could not be preserved in the intervening years and is about to disappear. Within the scope of the works, the wooden elements that are not deformed will be removed carefully after numbering them. All stages of the application will be photographed and sent to the Samsun Cultural Heritage Conservation Regional Board. Stone stairs will be applied in front of the Harim floor entrance door in the masonry technique specified in the restoration project. Plants detected in the immediate vicinity of the building and on the rubble stone foundation wall will be cleaned without damaging the original building material. The surrounding of the building will be lowered to its original elevation, and after the necessary excavation work is done, the ground will be compacted around the entire structure. All wooden walls of the building will be cleaned using sandpaper and a brush. All new wooden productions will be selected from the original wood of the building and the mosque will be renovated in accordance with its original. "

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