TCDD Invites to Accidents at Level Crossings

SAI audits took there tcdd invited accidents
SAI audits took there tcdd invited accidents

Court of Accounts audits revealed that accidents were invited due to faulty or incomplete practices in TCDD. Court of Accounts auditors determined that the institution had not completed the necessary studies on high-risk level levels. In the examinations carried out on railway level crossings, it was seen that there were 302 level crossings with high "cruising moments".

According to the news of Mustafa Mert Notcin from BirGünIn the last three years, it was determined that 271 material damage accidents have occurred on level crossings and 153 people have been slightly injured and 43 people have been seriously injured as a result of these damages. It was stated that 48 citizens lost their lives in the accidents. The Court of Accounts underlined that the necessary underpass or overpass works should be completed in order to prevent accidents that cause loss of life. TCDD, showing weakness in this regard, was warned.

It was also revealed that signaling systems with different software were used on the same railway line. It has been reported that the majority of the signaling systems on the railway lines were commissioned by foreign contractors. The Court of Accounts underlined the need to 'localize' the ongoing signaling systems.

Some other detections regarding TCDD are listed as follows:

  • The immovables whose lease terms were over were rented to the same people for long periods without a re-tender.
  • The bargaining procedure was used for some jobs that had to be tendered by open tender procedure.
  • Although the contract termination conditions were established for the immovables rented to Ankara Demirspor without a tender, the termination process was not carried out.

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