TCDD Alo 131 Emergency Hotline Prevented a Possible Accident

tcdd alo emergency hotline fixed a possible accident
tcdd alo emergency hotline fixed a possible accident

Last year, the State Railways of the Republic of Turkey was founded in Property within 131 Emergency Notification Hotline ALONE, today (18.01.2021) was to prevent potential accidents from notification.

While trying to cross the level crossing in Zonguldak Saltukova Demirören district, the personnel service of a private company got stuck in the snow at around 07.48 due to heavy snowfall. The citizen, who took the kilometer from the sign of the level crossing along the railway line, informed the ALO 131 Emergency Alert Line.

The notification line team contacted the Train Tracking Offices in the regional directorate about the speed and reported the incident.

The dispatcher learned the position of the train approaching that direction and intervened by slowing it down. At the same time, the Gendarmerie teams pulled the personnel bus off the road by helping the service that was on the road. After the road was completely opened, the train continued in its normal course.

ALONE for any inconvenience you see on the Line Railway 131 Emergency Notification You can call anywhere in Turkey.


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