Pharyngitis and Covid-19 symptoms can be confused

symptoms of pharyngitis and covid may be mixed
symptoms of pharyngitis and covid may be mixed

Burning, stinging, pain and fever in the throat are among the most prominent features of pharyngitis. These findings, which are among the symptoms of the coronavirus, cause people to confuse diseases and therefore worry.

It is of great importance to be cautious and to consult a specialist physician if there are signs of illness in these days when the pandemic increases its effect. Professor of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Memorial Şişli Hospital. Dr. Yavuz Selim Pata gave information about the similarities and differences between pharyngitis and the symptoms of Covid-19 infection.

Pharyngitis occurs as a result of inflammation of the area in the throat called the pharynx. Sometimes it occurs as a result of viruses, bacteria or fungi, or sometimes as a result of the irritation of that area. Pharyngitis can be seen due to continuous mouth breathing due to nasal congestion, stomach acid escaping upward in reflux disease, irritating the throat, removal of the tonsils or allergies. Symptoms of pharyngitis include irritation, burning and stinging pain in the throat. Nasal discharge, hoarseness, fever and weakness can also be seen in the advanced stages of the disease. The presence of some findings in Covid-19 infection may cause these two diseases to be confused.

Getting fresh air is very important

The new coronavirus pandemic has also brought the necessity of wearing a mask to people's lives to be protected from the virus and prevent it from spreading. Masks worn for long hours cause people with allergies to breathe throughout the day by blocking their noses. This can irritate the throat and develop pharyngitis. It is very important to get fresh air by removing the mask in suitable environments. The patient's medical history is also important. “Does the patient have pharyngitis every 2 to 3 years or often? Has he consumed cold drinks that will irritate his throat lately? Could it have stayed in the cold and caught a cold? " The causes of the disease are investigated with these questions. Seasonal transitions are the times when these diseases are most common. Since the air temperatures vary even during the day, the thin or thick clothes preferred by the person can also cause the person to get cold easily.

Not every sore throat is a symptom of Covid-19, but ...

Since Covid-19 is an infection transmitted by the respiratory tract and whose first location is the upper respiratory tract and especially the throat area, the symptoms of pharyngitis that develop as a result of any microbe can also occur in Covid-19. It is not possible for the patient to distinguish between these two diseases from the symptoms he feels, so a specialist should be consulted. It is not possible to understand whether a patient who applied to the otorhinolaryngology department with a sore throat is Covid-19 or not only from the appearance of the throat. If the patient has throat irritation and this irritation; If it is not caused by nasal congestion, reflux, allergy and removal of the tonsils, it is also checked which symptoms are seen if there are signs of infection.

If the patient is in the risk group, a test should be done.

In acute pharyngitis, redness, edema or inflammation in the form of yellow and white spots in advanced pictures are encountered in the throat area. In order to be diagnosed fully, it is necessary to look at the general picture. It should be determined whether the patient has complaints such as fever, weakness, headache and cough. In the light of these symptoms, it can be suspected or ruled out whether there is Covid-19. This possibility should always be taken into consideration, especially during the pandemic period. If the general condition of the patient is also troublesome, if he is in the risk group, the patient should be tested for Covid-19 without wasting time. If the symptoms persist even if the patient's Covid-19 test is negative, the patient should be closely monitored and warned about this. If the clinical picture continues with the symptoms of Covid-19, it is necessary to repeat the test a few days later. Since these two diseases cannot be clearly separated, it is very important to be cautious.

Symptoms in Covid-19 infection may vary according to the patient

Loss of smell and taste is not a symptom of pharyngitis. The loss of sense of smell and associated sense of taste can be seen in some cases, but not in every Covid-19 case. Sore throat may not be encountered in every case of Covid, such as the loss of sense of taste and smell. Symptoms of Covid-19 infection are also not fully clear. Symptoms can vary from person to person. While some people do not even realize that it is Covid-19, some cases can result in loss of life.

Treatments should not be delayed during this period.

During the pandemic period, many people hesitate to go to the hospital for fear of getting Covid-19, and therefore disrupt their treatment. This situation can cause very simple diseases to turn into serious diseases. Every closed area where people are together in crowds can be sufficient for the easy transmission of coronavirus. For this reason, it is necessary to act in strict compliance with social distance, use of masks and hygiene rules in every environment where other people are present, whether closed or open.

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