12 Million TL Investment in the Bidding System of the Companies

million tl of investment in the bidding system of companies
million tl of investment in the bidding system of companies

Providing free service for the supply of all kinds of products needed by factories, EndustrideAra.com is commissioning the virtual store model, which is its second phase investment.

EndustrideAra.com, which provides free support at the stage of getting a quote for any product and service that companies need, facilitates the communication of buyers and suppliers. Eren Akbayrak, Business Development Specialist of EndustrideAra.com, gave information about the virtual store module and the product comparison system, which will be the third phase investments.


Akbayrak stated that most companies cannot make purchases without at least 3 quotes for almost every product; “EndustrideAra.com serves companies as an automatic purchasing assistant. We ensure that businesses that cannot make a supplier preference without a written price quote communicate with our member suppliers in a very short time to make any purchases. Thus, while facilitating the work of purchasers completely free of charge, we also enable our suppliers to meet the right people in the right companies and increase their sales. said.


Pointing out that e-commerce is constantly increasing in the consumer products market, Akbayrak stated that the tendency of companies to buy products from virtual stores is not at the desired level, but habits have started to change.

Akbayrak continued his words as follows; “E-commerce sites are rapidly opening for products whose customer potential is not individuals but companies. Companies that open stores on EndustrideAra.com using a large marketing budget in this regard will be able to make more sales. On the customer side, it will be the first choice of the company in the online purchase of its products as it has an unconditional return guarantee. " said.


Akbayrak stated that they will collect all the services that companies need in all purchasing processes such as 'request an offer, compare prices and buy' on EndustrideAra.com. Underlining that the most important pillar of this investment is marketing communication, Eren Akbayrak said that they will realize this stage entirely with equity investment.

Stating that EndustrideAra.com will evaluate each country one by one with global partnerships at the stage of expanding abroad, Akbayrak added that they planned an investment of 12 million TL in the first stage and then they worked to grow with partnerships with investment companies.

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