Restaurants Avoid Carrying a POS Device

restaurants are free from having to carry a POS device
restaurants are free from having to carry a POS device

Pocket POS mobile application developed by Sodexo Advantage and Rewarding Services for member businesses turns smart phones into POS devices. Restaurants, which avoid the necessity of carrying POS devices in package services, can receive payments from their smartphones in a contactless and hygienic manner thanks to Sodexo's Pocket POS application.

The Mobile POS mobile application of Sodexo Advantage and Rewarding Services, which has implemented pioneering projects to provide an end-to-end digital dining experience to employees and member workplaces, turns smart mobile phones into POS devices. Thanks to the application that removes the need for physical POS devices, the obligation to carry POS terminals both inside the restaurant and in the delivery of the takeaway order comes to an end.

Every smartphone is now a POS device

With the new mobile application that allows restaurants with Sodexo to receive payments within seconds, all employees can easily receive payments by entering the amount on a single screen. Thanks to the new application, which also responds to the increasing contactless payment demands and habits during the pandemic period, member businesses can receive payments in a hygienic manner.

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