Rector Karamustafa Evaluated Kayseri and Regional Tourism

rektor karamustafa evaluated Kayseri and regional tourism
rektor karamustafa evaluated Kayseri and regional tourism

Rector of Kayseri University Prof. Dr. Kurtuluş Karamustafa attended the “Kayseri and Regional Tourism Evaluation Meeting” held in the organization of the Kayseri Directorate of Culture and Tourism.

Deputy Governor of Kayseri Dr. MH Nail Anlar, Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Dr. Memduh Büyükkılıç, Rector of Kayseri University Prof. Dr. Liberation Karamustafa, Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA) Assistant General Manager Ertan Turkmen, Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Dr. Şükrü Dursun, Kayseri Erciyes A. Ş. Chairman of the Board and General Manager Dr. Murat Cahid Cıngı, sector representatives and other stakeholders participated.

The meeting started with the presentation of Ertan Türkmen, Deputy General Manager of TGA, who gave information about the functions, mission and vision of TGA and made evaluations about the Tourism of the Country and the Region. Following Memduh Büyükkılıç's speech, Rector Prof. Dr. Kurtuluş Karamustafa summarized the success achieved in Kayseri tourism from past to present regarding tourism product components, brand values ​​and marketing. In this context, our Rector Karamustafa stated that only natural and socio-cultural attractions (attractiveness) should not be perceived as products when it is mentioned as a tourism product; In order for the attractions offered in a geographical region to be transformed into a tourism product with commercial value, accessibility, facilities owned, activities, package tours organized and other services that facilitate and support visitor comfort and all marketing activities including image are also important. In this sense, he stated that Kayseri is within the borders of the Cappadocia Region as an ancient settlement and trade center such as Kaniş-Karum, as well as the attractions of Mount Erciyes and its foothills, and with its transportation links both within the country and with the main tourist markets, Kayseri He emphasized that today it has qualified transportation infrastructure and facilities not only nationwide but also internationally.

Emphasizing that Erciyes Winter Sports Center is the first thing that comes to mind when Kayseri is mentioned, Rector Karamustafa stated that important history, culture, nature and tourism elements come to mind together with other provinces in the region, especially Nevşehir and its surroundings. The Rector also; “In addition to the investments at international standards for qualified accommodation supply both in Kayseri City Center and Erciyes Mountain since 2000s, qualified infrastructure and superstructure investments, especially for the realization of winter sports, especially skiing, in Erciyes Mountain after 2005. He highlighted the importance of Kayseri becoming an important section of Cappadocia, a tourism destination in my location, with its local gastronomy and health tourism, shopping opportunities, socio-cultural attractions and other natural wonders. On the other hand, he stated that there is still a significant need to increase the supply of qualified accommodation on Mount Erciyes. In this context, another turning point in the development of Kayseri and Erciyes tourism is Kayseri Erciyes A.Ş. in Erciyes Ski Center, a subsidiary of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, which is the destination management organization established in 2011. Depending on the "culture of harmony" observed in the province of Kayseri, the cooperation and coordination of other public institutions and organizations, especially our Governorship, which is the civil administration of the city, and Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and Central District Municipalities, professional and non-governmental organizations and us academic institutions, "The ability to do business together and create synergy also reflects positively on the development of tourism in Kayseri and the Region." Expressing that Erciyes Mountain is turning into an important center of attraction not only with winter sports but also with many other activities, he evaluated the importance and contribution of the works carried out by the destination management organization.

Rector Karamustafa stated that the Erciyes Ski Center is among the most important ski centers in the world, with a good destination management and the "culture of harmony" in the city. Our Rector Karamustafa, underlining the necessity of developing promotion, distribution and human elements, which are other tourism marketing mix elements, in cooperation without neglecting, finally, as an important part of the Cappadocia Region of Kayseri, which has a history of 6 thousand years, It will guide the Cappadocia Region to increase its tourism diversity in terms of its cultural opportunities, natural richness and beauties as well as local food culture, trade, industry, education and health opportunities, and to take the share it deserves from international tourism, and will guide our country to go further in the future within the scope of tourism expressed.

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