OECD Istanbul Headquarters Opened

oecd istanbul center opened
oecd istanbul center opened

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan Economic Cooperation and Development Organization (OECD) as 5 regional center in the world overall to prefer Turkey and Istanbul is quite right and proper stating that an election, "With the establishment of the OECD Center of Istanbul and Turkey We will be starting a new era in relations between OECD. " said.

Ministers Pekcan, the opening of the OECD Istanbul Center thus held a ceremony of this center is a valuable acquisition, both Turkey and the Balkans, covering the Middle East and North Africa would do important work on geography.

Pekcan stated that the Kovid-19 epidemic forced the whole world to a serious transformation, and in this process, it has emerged once again how important international cooperation is and how necessary fair and constructive competition is rather than destructive competition, `` Now is the time, OECD ' As emphasized frequently, it is the time to 'rebuild the world after the pandemic and build it better'. In this context, we will expect important contributions from OECD and OECD Istanbul Headquarters on behalf of our country, our region and the world. We will continue to provide effective involvement and contribution in all the work to be done in Turkey. " he spoke.

with Turkey, which is one of the OECD's founding members have long been among OECD that striking a continuing valuable cooperation Pekcan, "the Ministry of Commerce we are not only closely followed the OECD work, at the same time I want to emphasize that we contribute a lot of effective work. in the relations between Turkey and OECD together with the Center's establishment, we will be launching a new era. " said.

Istanbul Center will strengthen OECD's global reach and effectiveness

Pekcan pointed out that the OECD Istanbul Center will contribute to the dissemination of the policy recommendations, standards and methods of the OECD, which is a pioneering and reputable international organization in socioeconomic development and development issues, and emphasized that the OECD will strengthen its global reach and effectiveness.

Underlining that the OECD Istanbul Center can provide intellectual and technical inputs to accelerate the socioeconomic reforms that may be needed in the countries of the region, Pekcan said:

"As you know, in no time and just could not be withdrawn as Turkey, a country pursuing their own interests. Under the leadership of our President, we have been the constructive partner of all kinds of global cooperation, especially regional welfare and regional development. As a country, we will continue to be the advocate of regional and global cooperation, both with our unilateral assistance and technical support efforts and our effective contributions to international initiatives. We hope that the OECD Istanbul Center will also provide important services and contributions in terms of regional and global solidarity and coordination. We believe that the OECD Istanbul Center will provide enlightening contributions to all its stakeholders on effective, sustainable and inclusive ways to achieve economic growth. "

Pekcan said, under the main headings of "sustainability" and "inclusiveness", OECD Istanbul Center will focus on areas such as competitiveness, entrepreneurship, trade, public governance, investment, innovation, mobilization of human capital, capacity building, economic resilience, connectivity and green growth. He said they would be working areas. Pekcan said, “We have allocated an office in one of the most central locations of Istanbul for the use of OECD Istanbul Headquarters. The center will initially be established for a period of 5 years. However, we know that this center will remain in Istanbul for many years as a result of the outstanding work it will reveal. As Turkey, we will provide a voluntary contribution in the amount of 1 million euros each year in order to adequately fulfill the center's activities. " he spoke.

 "The OECD's Turkey and Istanbul to choose a selection of quite right and proper"

Minister Pekcan stated that all the necessary support will be given for the center to continue its activities smoothly and effectively, and during the 1-year tenure of OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria, who will hand over his duty as of June 15, OECD has transformed from a think tank into an implementation institution and its global activity. stated that it increased.

In Turkey, a vision that Gurria's exhibit their expectations from the new Secretary General of the resume and voicing development Pekcan, "OECD world in general in the 5th Regional Center Turkey and choosing Istanbul is a choice quite right and proper. Istanbul has always been a lively metropolis where history, civilizations, culture, nature, trade and people meet. I think that the OECD Istanbul Center will greatly benefit from the multicultural and colorful structure of this city. " used the expression.


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