The Agenda in Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Council is Trambus Again!

my day was trambus again in sanliurfa grand council
my day was trambus again in sanliurfa grand council

At the Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Meeting, the agenda was again the trambus. Bozankaya Making a statement upon the request for a peaceful reconciliation with Otomotiv A.Ş., Can Hallaç, Head of Transportation Department, said, “We have infrastructure, we will bring the trambus as soon as possible. "Trambus will be reduced from 24 meters to 18 meters."

According to the report of Özlem Dikmen and Esma Albayrak from Ajansurfa: “Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality January Second Assembly Meeting took place today. The meeting was held in Mehmet Akif İnan Conference Hall, chaired by the Deputy Chairman of the Assembly Ahmet Kaytan. After the opening and the roll call, the agenda items were discussed.

Voting was held for the Audit Committee, which is on the agenda. The following names were elected to the Audit Committee by voting. Tayyar Orphan, Hayati Dedeoğlu, Ali Keskin, Ubeyit Kurt, Fethi Yavuzel


In the agenda after the voting “Bozankaya The demand for a peaceful reconciliation with Otomotiv A.Ş. ”brought the trambus discussions back to the agenda of the Assembly. Deputy Chairman of the Assembly Kaytan, who made a statement on the questions of why he was insisted on the same company, said that the price increases significantly if a contract is signed with another company.

Kaytan said, “There is an effort to complete this project by going to a court by the company that won the tender, because the court process in question will be very long. In order for these works and transactions to be carried out by the administration, there is currently a request for authorization to make a decision regarding the court on the basis of compromise after the court process. Metrobus vehicles must come and work as soon as possible. Therefore, after that compromise authorization is obtained, we sit down with the company. The substances will be determined "he said.

Trambus will be reduced from 24 meters to 18 meters

Taking the floor, Mehmet Can Hallaç, Head of Transportation Services Department, stated that there is infrastructure for trabuses in Şanlıurfa. Hallaç stated that the trambus project will be implemented as soon as possible and the tram will be reduced from 24 meters to 18 meters.

Head of Department Hallaç continued his words as follows: “It was observed that the company was affected by the high amount of increases in foreign currency. A decision was made regarding mutual fez or a time extension. At the request of the company, we accepted the time extension request by the ministry. After this time extension, this pandemic period occurred again. During the pandemic period, some problems occurred. We came to these days. Now, a solution has been proposed to get rid of this complex situation. It will be possible to make a change in the form of this tool in terms of settlement with peace. There will be a change in the fall from 25 meters to 18 meters. There will be a few item changes regarding this. It is of course a legal issue to resolve this in peace. Appointment of a mediator and approval of this result by a court decision after a mutual conclusion has been reached as a result of this mediator. Because we do not patch these changes within the scope of public procurement. After the solution is concluded with this question, after a mutual agreement is decided on how this solution will be, a study will be initiated to restart this work with a new method. "

1 Trambus Will Be Missing In Urfa!

Noting that the 25-meter tram would drop to 18 meters and there would be a loss of about 7 meters, Saadeti Party Council Member Fırat Sultan said, “It was mentioned that the trambus would fall from 25 meters to 18 meters. What were the rest of the compromise clauses? What right did this company sue the municipality? We want to find out. In other words, if the time extension continues, then the tender continues. Then we will go to the peace and reconciliation of what with these people. 26 million of this investment has been paid. Some money has been spent on infrastructure, but this kind of compromise is also possible, although there was a crisis in the country, even if the exchange rates advanced. Bozankaya In fact, a reconciliation process with the company has been entered before. Either the contract has been terminated or the time has been extended. He chose to extend the period in Bazankaya Company. Now, I am curious about what will go to the people of Urfa in this sacrifice, although I support the end of the work? If the 25-meter tram will fall to 18 meters, there is a loss of about 7 meters. In this way, 1 tram will arrive in Urfa. If there is compromise, there are a few articles about reconciliation in our Municipality. If he brings these items to the agenda, the question marks in our minds will be over. After the authorization is given, the demands should not be sent on our behalf. Let us put in place the provisions related to reconciliation while granting authority in the parliament. Let's make a statement to those who voted for us ”.

 Profit Where We Turn From The Damage

Stating that the streets and avenues of Şanlıurfa are not suitable for this project, HDP Council Member Bahri Yıldırım gave the following statements: “Let's say this progress for about 3 years. Progress is probably a large amount of money transferred to this company. Maybe 70-80 trillion was all transferred. Now, through a new consensus, I close this gap. Because the end of the tender always remained open. Turkey in the middle of the world economic situation and economic conditions due to the economic crisis in the middle pandemic. It is affected in Turkey. Turkey most affected countries. Dollar, currency doubled. Crises occurred. And institutionally, it will go into a loss again. Therefore, a different search should be undertaken. The streets and streets of Urfa are not suitable for this situation, its urban architecture. Therefore, friends should get that money back as much as possible. And use different works. So wherever we turn from the damage is profit. I approach this approach with this logic. "

Bozankaya The Assembly Members of Saadet and HDP rejected the request for a peaceful reconciliation with Otomotiv A.Ş. While some AK Party members also abstained, the agenda item was accepted by a majority of votes.

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