MEB Increases Capacity in Electronic Exam Centers

meb goes to increase capacity in electronic exam centers
meb goes to increase capacity in electronic exam centers

The number of electronic test centers of the Ministry of National Education will be increased to 491, the number of exam halls to 500, and the number of simultaneously receiving services from the centers to 10.

While 2018 people could benefit from e-exam centers in 81 halls in 14 provinces, 95 district centers and 124 centers at the same time in 3, access to these exam centers has been increased especially in districts in the last two years. In 250, the number of district centers was increased to 2020 and the total number of e-test centers to 70. By the end of 151, the number of people receiving service from e-exam centers serving in 2020 halls at the same time reached 194 thousand 4 people.

A new planning was made on e-exam centers that also serve other institutions, and the target was set to increase the number of e-Exam centers currently in 70 districts to 2021 in 410 and 491 in total. Accordingly, 491 people will be able to benefit from the e-exam halls that will serve in 500 exam halls in 10 exam centers. Thus, the number of e-exam centers will increase 710 times and the number of halls 4 times in the last two years. In addition, the number of candidates who can take exams in the e-test center at the same time will reach 3 percent increase.

"Easy access to e-test centers is important for the quality of service"

Deputy Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer said in a statement he made on the subject that they had many exams in these centers, from driver's license exams to journeyman and mastership exams in vocational education.

Pointing out that they also provide exam services to other institutions in these centers, Özer said: “As the Ministry, we carry out our new applications such as the four-skill Turkish exam in these centers. Therefore, the usage capacity of our e-test centers is gradually increasing. The easy access of our students and citizens to these centers is very important in terms of the quality of the service we provide. For this reason, we will increase the number of e-exam centers in 2021, especially in our districts. We will open new e-Exam centers in 81 districts in 421 provinces. In 2021, the number of e-test centers will increase from 151 to 491. Thus, the services we offer through these centers can be accessed very easily. "

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