Vaccine Arrives in Turkey Critical Steps to Work: Be the first to Covidien-19

mAlArIndA turkey rebels came to work on the stage could be the first critical Covidien
mAlArIndA turkey rebels came to work on the stage could be the first critical Covidien

Turkey, Covidien-19 vaccine against most innovative method which is considered one of the virus-like particle (VLP) vaccine based arrived at a critical stage in their studies. Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank Turkey's observations in a single study made VLP-based vaccine facility.

Stating that they are working to start the human study in coordination with the Ministry of Health until the end of January, Minister Varank said, “In the first stage, a capacity that can produce 50 million doses of vaccine is established. Since this is an innovative method of vaccination, there may be a demand from the world. " said.


Varank Ministers, dated in the world, the scope of Turkey TUBITAK-19 Platform Covidien has observed over the study developed with a single VLP vaccine. Varank, who visited Nobel İlaç's Biotechnological Medicine Facility in TÜBİTAK Marmara Technopolis (MARTEK), received information from the authorities about the studies carried out.

Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacır, President of TÜBİTAK Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal and TÜBİTAK MARTEK General Manager Mehmet Ali Okur were accompanied.


During the visit hosted by Hasan Ulusoy, Nobel Pharmaceuticals Chairman of the Board of Directors, Nobel İlaç Biotechnology and New Product Evaluation Director Dr. Hasan Zeytin made a presentation to Varank about their work. Varank, who made examinations in the laboratory where vaccination studies were carried out after the presentation, later answered the questions of the journalists about the visit. Varank said in summary:


We have a firmamızd important both in terms of plant biotechnology chemical drugs in Turkey. We can say that one of the most important investments in the region is here. TÜBİTAK MARTEK is an important technopark. Advanced research is being done.

TÜBITAK Covidien-19 Turkey Platform

Arriving in Turkey TUBITAK more viruses you've gathered all the scientists in Turkey. 'Whatever project you have that can fight the virus, it can be a vaccine or a drug, it can be protective materials. We get enough of this calamity we want to support you contribute to Turkey's fight against the world order to keep the citizens of both. ' we said. Based on this idea, we created the Turkey TUBITAK Covidien-19 Platform.


We support 17 different projects under this platform. 8 of them are vaccine studies. As the Ministry of Industry and Technology, TÜBİTAK and the Ministry of Health, we have been following the process closely from day one. We are trying to help scientists and contribute to human resources. One of the most important projects under this platform is a vaccine study based on virus-like particles called VLPs.


Here, İhsan Gürsel and Mayda Gürsel, while developing this project for another platform, when the epidemic occurred, they immediately adapted it to their platforms and quickly started the vaccine study on VLP. We have reached an important stage in this vaccine study. In order for the vaccine to go into phase, human trials, it needs to be produced.


Here at Nobel İlaç, in these facilities where our Ministry of Health has given GMP certification, the production required for our vaccine to switch to phase studies and human studies is now being carried out. Quality controls of these productions need to be done. In addition, toxicity studies, that is, whether it harms a person or any living thing, should be studied. We plan to complete all these works by the end of the month and move on to the phase phase.


There are studies in this field in the world (VLP vaccine), especially in the World Health Organization's list, but so far only one study has passed to phase 1. I hope we will be the second. This study is a very innovative method. Since it is a protein-based study, we believe that it is a very reliable and highly effective study. Of course, phase studies and human trials need to be completed to prove these.


In our vaccine study based on virus-like particles, which we believe will make a sound in the world, we hope to start human work in coordination with our Ministry of Health by the end of the month. According to the results we will get here, we believe that we can produce a vaccine that can have a great impact in the world with the support of our private sector. I believe that if we can move on to the phase studies as soon as possible, we will give the world good news from here.


If this vaccine is successful in phase studies, it will go into mass production. In the first stage, a capacity that can produce 50 million doses of vaccine is established. We can increase this if needed. As this is an innovative method of vaccination, there may be a demand from the world. We carry out all these processes in coordination with our private sector and our Ministry of Health.


MARTEK, 1992 in Gebze TUBITAK campus was established as one of Turkey's first technopolis. Providing expert environments for companies that have been conducting R&D activities in the field of science and technology for 29 years, MARTEK encourages companies with common goals to be matched, clustering and networking efforts. MARTEK ensures the production of R&D centered projects with global partnerships.


Nobel İlaç established the Biotechnological Medicine Facility in 2019. The facility, which has a yearly production potential of 4 biotechnological products and a production of 2 thousand liters, has the capacity to produce 40 series of biotechnological drugs.


VLP vaccines are developed from virus-like particles that induce an immune response but do not cause disease. Developed with a new method, these vaccines are currently used in humans for some diseases. However, there is no VLP vaccine approved for Covid-19 virus in the world.


After Nobel İlaç, Minister Varank visited Baykar Cezeri Artificial Intelligence Robotic Technologies Office in MARTEK. Varank, who received information about the studies from the authorities, examined the studies on site.

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