Lujo Hotel Bodrum Waste Management Project Qualified for Zero Waste Certificate

lujo hotel bodrum waste management project entitled to a zero waste certificate
lujo hotel bodrum waste management project entitled to a zero waste certificate

Lujo Hotel Bodrum, which reduces and separates the wastes generated in the facility and offices as much as possible, set an example for the sector and obtained the "Zero Waste Certificate". Built in Bodrum's Güvercinlik Bay by preserving the existing nature, Lujo is taking firm steps for the future of the environment by continuing its impressive waste management project.

Stating that waste management is also managed like an art in Lujo Hotel Bodrum, which serves with the concept of "Art and Pleasure", Lujo Hotel Bodrum Sales and Marketing Director Çağsal Kılıçkaya said, “We are proud to receive our Zero Waste Certificate. We are aware of our responsibilities and accept the social, economic and ecological aspects of sustainability as the basic components of our business and reflect this understanding to all activities of our hotel. In Bodrum, we continue to develop projects in our hotel, taking into account environmental factors.

In 2021, we are doing the necessary studies to significantly reduce the use of disposable plastic items such as straws, care kits and laundry bags in our hotel. We have managed to minimize chemical and water consumption thanks to the washing programs we have updated with the Smart Dosing Pump that we have put into operation in our laundry since September 2020. We always position our sustainable life policy at the focus of our motivation for the future. " said

Kılıçkaya underlines that even all the trees and bushes used in the landscape of the facility contribute to this mission; “For example, we saved our olive trees from being cut from another nearby garden. In order to use local and fresh ingredients, we grow some of the herbs we use in the kitchen ourselves. " said.

Lujo Hotel Bodrum, which carries out an effective waste management project in the management of the hotel's Quality Department and develops its methods day by day for the wastes that have to be produced, emphasizes the importance of good separation of the waste to be recycled, one of the most important steps in recycling. Waste is separated into paper, metal, plastic and glass both in the hotel's offices and in different units of the facility. These are then collected separately by the companies of the relevant wastes and brought to nature.

In the 2020 season, 40 tons of glass, 10 tons of paper, 4 tons of plastic, 1 tons of metal waste and 6 tons of waste oil were separated and collected. Apart from daily use wastes, hazardous wastes are also separated and disposed of by licensed companies within the scope of the project. Lujo managed to destroy 6 tons of hazardous waste in 157 months, including 2.5 kg of batteries, without harming the environment.

In addition, plant wastes, which are frequently encountered in touristic facilities, are brought to the nature correctly thanks to the meticulous attitude of Lujo Hotel Bodrum. Plant wastes, which are normally regarded as neither wet garbage nor recycling waste, are collected in the plant storage area they have created under the leadership of Lujo Hotel Bodrum. In the last 2020 summer season, the plant wastes that Lujo Hotel Bodrum delivered without polluting the environment reach 63 tons.

Also Lujo, blue cap by collecting all the plastic bottles used in public support for Turkey Spinal Cord Injury going to be sent to the electric chair for individuals paralyzed Association.

Kılıçkaya added that while their success in waste management is very important for them, their main goal is to implement practices that will minimize the amount of waste in all their operations.

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